Hello world!.. Finally, a blog!

14 11 2008
That's the note Partner & I left for the chef / staff at Abe's in Serendra. Just one of the ways to show we appreciated the food!

That's the note Partner & I left for the chef and staff of Abe's in Serendra. Just one small way to say we appreciated the food! More food adventures to come! And yes, that's my handwriting 🙂

THE “HELLO world!” part of the title of this post was wordpress’s default for the first post.  I decided to keep it as it basically sums up my sentiment, succumbing to the call of the connected world.  Seriously, I just have to give in to Cecille’s prodding for me to start a blog.  For the longest time, she has been one of the very few who form my patient audience (a local celebrity would lovingly refer to a similar group of people as – drum roll please – “my public”).  I guess Cecille feels somebody else out there would care about what I have say.  So here it is – eNTeNG’s Blog.  If only I can figure out how to make my visuals more interesting.. beginning with the font.  (Petty stuff!)

So what will I put in here?  Definitely, only stuff I’m really passionate about – food, wristwatches.. music.. and more food and more wristwatches.

And in this day and age of shameless plugging and “pabati” on multi-media, let me get things started by giving a shout out to all my wonderful friends, who, for all the many reasons they are in my life.. and for all the many things they bless me with.. are just the ones I care about because they keep me grounded (bwahahaha!) – Cecille (Friendship), Edu (Brother), Lethe (Mother), Erwin (One True Friend), Agnes (Sister!), ThereseClint (the Gifted Child), Roy Patrick.. James (Spider-man!), Jen (Partner!), Andrei (Batman!), Data (Summit!), and Ronoel (Superman!).

To the others I may have missed – that’s life.  Hehe.

I don’t have high hopes for this blog.  I’ll take things nice and slow 🙂




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14 11 2008

Aba Sherpa! Congratulations, and may you have many more posts to come! It’s about time you claimed your corner of the blogosphere. 🙂 I’ll link you up.

A TIP: to make your entries interesting, have a photo or two. And keep linking lang. If you decide to put Google ads, mataas na ranking and potential to earn! Yiha!


14 11 2008

finally!!! =P


14 11 2008

partner!:) am so excited for you! didn’t we just discuss having your blog and writing reviews about food and restos while we were having dinner at abe’s? remember that gurl? “yah, am here nga lang outside abe’s!”

for your first photo, i think the pic i took of the note you left (take note, in hallmark handwriting) at abe’s would be a good one….whatchathink?! 🙂


15 11 2008

walang tungkol sa philippine showbiz? di ba passion mo rin yun? 🙂 congrats on this blog. sana maging kasing-sikat ‘to ng kay brian gorell. 🙂


18 11 2008
Eyes Only

Looks great! 🙂 Next target -> magazine column naman! 🙂


18 11 2008

Hi Enteng…I’ve always been a fan of your writing since college. So I’m only so glad to see you finally blog I remembered the Sentro and Cafe Bola reviews when I was still in Intel and I remembered looking forward to the PE newsletter everytime during that time. Anyway, keep it coming and I wish you well.


26 11 2008

A blog. I’ll be lurking here for new posts.


8 12 2008

Haha. this blog reminded me of my “korni” friendster blog.. so i decided to make another blog c/o wordpress. and thank you boss enteng for introducing me to this site.

Bossing, i hope u could also post some of your “secret” recipes… if you like.


9 12 2008

brother, wala bang medyo jologs na topic?


9 01 2009

Wow, a blog for food fanatics…

And its not just about the taste, it also includes the presentation…

Not that I’m not concerned about the consequences Boss Enteng, but with all those tasty treats, who needs a diet plan?

There’s an Ilonggo quote, “kan-a lang ang kalan-un, bulnga lang ang bululngon (eat what is edible and take care of the consequences in health later)” and after what I read (and saw) here, Im sticking to these quote. Hehehe…


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