Happy Birthday, Superman!

23 11 2008

TODAY IS the birthday of one of my really good friends, Ronoel (a.k.a. ‘Superman‘).  He’s out of the country so a birthday dinner with Batman and Partner.. Spider-man.. and Friendship is out of the question.

Superman Limited Edition DVD

Limited Edition Complete Superman DVD Collection in Steel Case (bought from an online seller), on top of that nice 'bright' table at Classic Confections in Greenbelt 5.

But if I were to think about a good birthday dinner for Superman, then it would be at Cyma Estiatorio at Greenbelt 2.  I’ve been there quite a number of times, and the one time we brought Superman there, he liked the place too.  For starters, we’d have the ‘Roka Salata‘, a salad of fresh arugula and delicate romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, topped with shaved parmesan cheese in a special, original Greek vinaigrette.  Then, we’d have the ‘Kakavia‘, or Greek Fisherman’s Stew.  It is chockful with the freshest seafood, in a saffron broth infused with fresh herbs – I get the dill right away (I’m thinking it is dill).  The thread-like foliage of the dill, together with the saffron, gives the soup its aromatic quality.  For our entrees, it will be the ‘Steak (Beef Tenderloin) Souvlaki‘ and the ‘Solomos Angel Hair.’  The souvlaki is the traditional kabob, skewered with fresh vegetables, and grilled to perfection!  They come with warm pita bread and yougurt garlic sauce.  The Solomos Angel Hair is pasta with a tomato-cream sauce and lots of feta and romano cheese.  It better be an original by Cyma because I’ve never had it anywhere else.  It is so good that it may very well be my second favorite pasta, after my classic Angel Hair Pomodoro.  The last time we were there, I coulnd’t help but rave about it to one of the Staff.  We were already on our way out the door but I just had to tell her (the Staff) how much I loved the pasta dish, especially since I’m not crazy about cream-based sauces!  For Superman’s birthday dinner dessert, we’d have the ‘Glyka Sampler.’  Or, we could go to ‘Classic Confections‘ in Greenbelt 5 for a ‘Sugar-Free Lemon Torte‘ and lots of my favorite ‘Russian Tea Cookies.’ 


So much for thinking up a birthday feast.  For all I know, Superman will just want his favorite ‘Oxtail Kare-Kare‘ (traditional Filipino stew of cooked-to-fall-off-the-bone-tenderness oxtail in a peanut sauce, with lots of fresh vegetables, served with a fermented shrimp paste sauce on the side).



Superman Birthday Cake

One of Superman's birthday cakes – a chocolate cake with a mousse / ganache filling, from 'Secret Recipes'.. Again, Happy Birthday!