eNTeNG c”,)™©’s Angel Hair Pomodoro Redux

25 11 2008

My post last November 21, where I shared my own recipe for eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  Angel Hair Pomodoro, gave me hunger.. no, let me correct that..  craving pangs!  My friends and family know, that quite ironically, for someone who loves food so much, I have imposed a personal injunction for me to go on a no-carbs diet.  It all started with that first long weekend in August.  It was the perfect time to get something started (with much encouragement from ‘Superman‘).  So I did start my own version of South Beach Diet  no rice, no pasta, no oriental noodles, no bread.  Huwwwwaaattt?!?!!

And I have actually remained faithful to this diet, shedding off ~15 lbs.  from when I started!  Now, I’m training my sights to reviving my 4KM  5KM fun runs.  The last time I joined one, I was the “most improved”, clocking in an improvement of about 30% from my previous best time.  I need to do this again as my diet-only weight loss has plateaud at 15 lbs.!  And since a month back, I had reluctantly consented to giving myself “cheat” meals, having a little rice.. and a little pasta.  But only stress at work had broken my resolve to stick to my diet.

And recently, as I was trying to point out, my eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  Angel Hair Pomodoro post won over me  a classic case of ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’

I checked our pantry (‘pantry’.. I think that’s too much of a word!) and found a couple of 14.5-ounce cans of a product that I now swear by  Hunt’s Stewed Tomatoes!  They were so good.  I used everything in the can, tomatoes, juice and all.  I chopped them coarsely, and used them in place of the ‘usual’ tomatoes in my recipe.  The stewed tomatoes were so good that I ended up munching on them while I worked in the kitchen.  Trust me, they were that good.  But then again, I am a tomato lover so you have all the right to doubt me as well.  Hehehe.

The resulting angel hair pomodoro?  It was so good.  So yummy!  It was verging on the ‘sweet’ side, which I think, was a big plus because it was as Italian as you could get, but it was something that was kid-friendly too.  It actually reminded me of one of my own favorites from Café Bola, their ‘Tomato Basil‘ pasta.

Channeling Mark Straussman, chef and owner of The Campagna Restaurant in New York, and author of the book The Campagna Table, I exerted effort in making my plate pretty.  I twisted the angel hair (from a certain height over the pan), twisting as I went to putting it on the plate.  Then I topped the nice bunch of pasta with more of the chunky tomato sauce.  And of course, lots of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

For added points, I served my angel hair pomodoro on one of my ‘Manhattan‘ plates from the ‘Bar Lingo‘ series of ‘The Pottery Barn‘.  I have a collection of those, which I got from the States.

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my Nokia 5310 Xpress Music cellphone.


eNTeNG c”,)™©’s Angel Hair Pomodoro, made with Hunt's Stewed Tomatoes. Yum!.. Served on the 'Manhattan' plate from the 'Bar Lingo' series of 'The Pottery Barn'.


I was making a presentation for our upcoming CEO visit so I had to bring my angel hair pomodoro with me to the study table..



2 responses

25 11 2008

Hmmmm… now this makes me starve!


25 11 2008

I always use the Hunt’s! They’re the bomb! For chunkier sauces, use the whole stewed tomatoes, chop em up and throw them in a saucepan with garlic, olive oil, bacon bits and oregano. Put the basil leaves last. Yummmmm!


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