Gotta go back to ‘Myron’s Place’!

26 11 2008

Myron’s Place

Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street,

Legaspi Village,

Makati City, Metro Manila

Tel. No. (632) 757-8898


Bianca's Cut - A slice of heaven, only at Myron's Place in Greenbelt 5

One line in the Oscar-award-nominated movie Catch Me If You Can stressed upon me the value some people attach to going on ‘steak dinners.’  Cashing a check, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Frank Abagnale, Jr. charmed the pants off the bank teller, and invited her to a steak dinner.  I guess they made it to dinner because the next sequence was somewhere else more intimate.  Hehe.  But I digress.

So why does having steak conjure up notions of (perceived) grandeur?  I guess it’s because the more tender the cut is, the more premium we pay on the price.  Though I don’t have the budget for it, I can appreciate a good steak.  Besides, I’m more of an herbivore than a carnivore.

But for some reason, the rather unassuming signage ‘Myron’s Place‘ on one of the ‘stores’ on the ground level of Greenbelt 5 has had a beckoning appeal to me.  I mean, everytime I walk in to Greenbelt 5 by way of Greenbelt 4  to go to ‘Adora‘ (just window-shop! hahaha!), or go to ‘John and Yoko‘, ‘Banana Republic‘, ‘Classic Confections‘ or ‘Kenneth Cole‘, I can’t help but notice in my peripheral view, the glistening letters that spell M-Y-R-O-N-‘s P-L-A-C-E.  So when the time came to finally swing its doors open and peruse its menu, I was so glad I finally did.  Before I move forward, it needs no mentioning that yes, I braved this place, much to the prodding of Friendship, Cecille.

As I write this down to share with you, I’ve been to Myron’s Place a couple of times already.  And before I get ahead of myself..  Oh well, what the heck!  I’ll get ahead of myself and tell you that you too need to check it out!  And that is coming from an herbivore!

I usually start off with the ‘Mushroom Cappuccino (Php 135.00)‘.  To this day, it is for me the best ever mushroom soup I’ve tasted!  It has the color and frothy finish of an actual coffee cappuccino.  Only the perfectly toasted garlic-butter baguette that rests on the rim of the bowl gives away the fact that it could very well be the best concoction of wild mushrooms, onions(?) and cream that you will ever put in your mouth!  It was so damn good.  Any skepticism I had about the promise of this well-appointed restaurant (sometimes some restaurants hope to get away with good looks!), vanished with the first spoonful I had!  This mushroom cappuccino boasts of the robust flavor of the freshest wild mushrooms  I’m thinking creminis, white and brown button mushrooms, portobella  crowned perfectly with the comforting richness and goodness of real cream.  Sinful but worth every calorie!


Mushroom Cappuccino - It doesn't get any better than this!

Before I even finish my mushroom cappuccino, I always make sure that they serve their ‘Baked Oysters Rockefeller (Php 330.00)‘ well within my first few spoonfuls of the soup.  Their version of this New Orleans original dish is six big, fresh, succulent, oysters drenched in garlic butter, lined with spinach, and generously topped with cheese and bacon bits, then baked to perfection.  The six oysters on the half-shell sit prettily on a bed of coarse sea salt, on a pristine white platter.  They were too pretty to devour, and too intimidating that I thought I could only manage to eat one.  But I later ended up apologizing profusely to my friends as nothing less than three could satiate me.  I’m no expert on Baked Oysters Rockefeller, especially since all I know about oysters is shucking them, drizzling them with fresh “calamansi” and slurping them right out of the shell.  But what Myron’s Place does to them.. wow.


Six pretty oysters, all in a circle!


These three were all mine! Simply irrisistible.

After getting warmed up by the soup and the bivalves, I would be ready for the star of any sumptuous Myron’s Place dinner   the steak!  I always ask for the entry level steak  the ‘Bianca (Php 800.00)‘  which I think is about 5 ounces(?).  I love the sauteed vegetables that come with them, along with the rice I prefer over mashed potatoes or french fries.  I love it that Myron’s Place respects the rice lovers in us.  Though my friends would try their very best to hold their judgment (and frowns!) over my poor choice for a side dish, I have kept asking for rice to come with my steak.


Lots of freshly ground black pepper on my steak please!

The steak comes with a choice of three sauces.  I don’t know if they just give you what you ask for but the couple of times I’ve been there, they have served me all the three wonderfully amazing sauce selections Shiraz Cabernet-Shallot Jus (the red wine reduction)‘, ‘Brandy Pepper (the pepper sauce)‘ or ‘Mushroom Sauce‘.  I personally adore the red wine reduction sauce!  And before I forget, I always ask for the kind waiter to please ‘crust’ my steak with a good dusting of freshly, coarsely cracked black pepper.  It is almost like asking them to make my medium-rare (the way I love it!) piece of meat, ‘au poivre‘.


The three perfect sauces - red wine reduction, pepper, or mushroom.

The steak truly is one of the best I’ve ever had.  It’s got a nice grilled crust, while remaining pink in the center.  Juicy and tender.  With the flavor of the beef, really pronounced, and not disguised by any other heavy marination or basting.

For dessert, we decided on their ‘Panna Cotta (Php 145.00)‘ (literally translated as ‘cooked cream’ in Italian).  It was delicate, with a subtle sweetness.  I savored it, slowly, bit by bit.. as it proved to be the perfect dessert to cap such an extremely pleasing dinner.

Myron’s Place has a really wide menu.  But these four for me are my must-haves every visit.  As for my friends, they’ve had the ‘Foie Gras Burger‘, the ‘Franco (the next cut after the Bianca)‘ and all the other offerings like the ‘Cream of Pumpkin Soup‘, and the ‘Barley Soup‘.  I realize, I’ve never tried any of the salads too.  And what about an attempt to pair each course with wine, and give the tired lemonade a rest?  How does a nice ‘chianti‘ by the glass sound?

So, as the title of this post suggests: I gotta go back there!



4 responses

27 11 2008

Reading this at 10am makes me take my lunch too soon.


27 11 2008
Lei v(*-*)v

wohoo! carnivorous as i could be… i love steaks… your blogs feed my lust for metro resto hopping and my current fascination to cooking. it’s like grabbing my monthly Yummy magazine for free;)see you around!


5 12 2008

i remember the photos….great food, even better company 🙂


9 12 2008

wait… i don’t know if i read it correctly, “MUSHROOM CAPPUCCINO” exclamation point question mark question mark period.

My my my… that’s quite an ear-full for a name of a soup. (laughs)


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