The joys of Royce’ – now within reach!

8 12 2008

Today’s work day started rather well.  There was still the usual level of toxicity, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t really smooth-sailing.  But one of my friends at work – Ricci Bejarin (herself a proud home baker) – came up to me bearing good news!


Royce’ chocolates (Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd.) from Sapporo, Japan, are finally in Manila!  In Rockwell, to be specific.


This news really brightened my day.  I’ve been waiting for it to be actually confirmed eversince Friendship (yes you, Cecille!) told me about it a month back – when it first generated buzz among certified foodies.


I first learned about Royce’ from Friendship who has kept telling me that I should get “these certain chocolates” should I go to Singapore.  Of course I know if she tells me something is good – it is damn good.  She has maintained a very stellar performance score card on my books when it comes to her recommendations.


But it took quite a while – a REALLY long while – before I actually got my hands on a box of these delectable goodies.  Would you believe, September 2008?!?!?!?!  And I have to say that I am quite thankful to a number of people who lovingly hand carried for me these treats – 2,390 kilometers across the seas – most of them carefully packaged in insulated foil bags with ‘dry ice’ gel packs thrown inside for good measure – and shelf life (true for the ‘Nama’)!  These would be Ken (Karen Ann!), Chax  and of course, Partner!  I thank my friends – both for the actual ‘pasalubong’ (presents given upon return from travel) they gave and have been giving me everytime; and for the boxes upon boxes that I had asked them to buy on my behalf.


I’m not about to describe in detail the orgasmic experience that is savoring a Royce’ chocolate.  I’m saving it off for another day.  For now, what I have in mind is to dash to the Rockwell store and get my stock!  I won’t survive alone on memories of Royce’ Nama in Champagne (green box) and Cocoa (brown box); Pure Chocolate discs in dark and milk chocolate; and, Coffee Chocolate.  All of these I’ve already had.  Simply, how shall I put it?  Hmmm…  You put the nama chocolate in your mouth and like butter, it would melt.  And when it does, it’s like you’ve never had anything melt inside your mouth before.  The experience can be surreal for real chocolate lovers that it somehow could feel that your senses are not enough to capture the moment – there is an almost intangible quality to the way it feels.  It’s very delicate too, like a fragile intricate spun-sugar netting on a lovely croquembouche.  I’ve had Godiva chocolates, the first box I got at their Hillsdale Mall store in San Francisco, California.  And my verdict?  Royce’ runs away with the prize!


Give a foodie friend you have the gift of a box of Royce’ chocolates.  If the person is really special, give at least two boxes.  Nothing less will do.


Pure Chocolate discs - in dark and milk chocolate!


Coffee Chocolate!


Pure Chocolate & Coffee Chocolate


Ready to devour these sinful yummy treats!



2 responses

9 12 2008

You can be tag as Certified Royce Addict! hahaha

I so love the texture of powder-covered Nama and how it feels like when it starts meltin’ in your mouth!
and bitter sweet taste of the Coffee Chocolate that mimics a good blend of expresso coffee!
the ever famous Royce’ Pure Chocolate is also a winner!


14 12 2008

the royce store in rockwell is open. it’s beside the chapel on the 3rd floor.


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