eNTeNG’s ‘The Best Of…” – these cookies make it and start my list!

9 12 2008

I love these! 'Good Shepherd' Snowballs! Yum-O!


They look yummy, don't they? My good friend Adam Sia took these shots, using my Canon IXUS 860IS. He'll teach me how.


In my hasty handwriting. Simple ingredients in a luscious treat - flour, cashew, butter, salt, vanilla, confectioners' sugar.

FRIENDSHIP KNOWS that I have been toying around with the idea of sharing here my “eNTeNG’s The Best Of…” a.k.a. “A Few Of eNTeNG’s Favorite Things.”  And I do intend to post that before the year ends, in installments if needed.  I have a list in the works, a work in progress for all the past years I’ve been in existence, if I may say so.  But fairly recently, ‘the list’ has taken a whole new incarnation – bits and pieces – scribbled on the back of restaurant receipts, or ATM receipts (the flip side of which never fails to snap me back to the reality of how measly I am worth)… or some torn piece of paper, tucked away in between the pages of my Starbucks Coffee® 16-month Date Book & Journal from Singapore.


Fortunately, before the spine of my beloved journal bursts and breaks apart, I have finally mustered enough courage to sort of kick off my ‘the best’ series.  Sort of.  And the impetus for this decision is none other than the subject of this post.


They came tightly packed inside the ubiquitous transparent plastic canister with the yellow lid, as if pebbles you’d rather play with than eat.  Only a simple label, probably printed with technology from eons past, humbly made known the canister’s contents – ‘Snowballs,’ it said.  The words ‘Good Shepherd’ made my heart skip a beat, especially since I have long associated it with probably the best ube (purple yam) jam commercially available.


With the insistence of a petulant, spoiled kid, I begged my friend Diane – ‘The Bored Gaga’ – to tear away the scotch tape that sealed the fate of these luscious treats.  Sealed the fate…  haha!  What’s with me and all the intended puns?!  The tape offered a stubborn hesitation and would not budge.  But perpetual pushing and perseverance did put the difficulty out of countenance, and made the seeming impossibility give way.  Long story short, we won the battle of the canister and dug our fingers in!


The snowballs were all I imagined them to be and more.  They were light, almost airy in spite of the dense crumbly inside.  I got the buttery flavor right away.  But a bit unlike its most likely kin – the Russian Tea Cookies (my faves are from Classic Confections… saving that for another post!) – these snowballs had chips and fragments of cashew, generously and evenly distributed throughout the cookie.  With each bite, a cashew nut would peak out of the cross section, as if asking to be nibbled.  The liberal dusting of confectioners’ sugar on the outside of each snowball was a fitting reminder of the coming holiday season.  Personally, it reminded me of actual fine snow, bringing me back to Christmas eve in Chicago, Illinois in 2003.


They were so good that I ended up hogging a majority share.  I chirpily walked back to my cubicle, feeling as light, though hopefully not as ‘nutty’ as these treats.  And I won’t forget to say thank you to my new friend Lyndon Macam for bringing these divine goodies to work today.  And for Diane for never failing to holler whenever there is a belly pleaser lying around her place.




Yummy treats... with 'The Bored Gaga' herself - Diane.




One response

10 12 2008

hahah!! the snow balls looked more delicious with how you (or maybe adam) took the pics..

thanks for mentioning me! it has been my dream to have a cameo appearance in this blog!
love u teng! mwah!!!


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