eNTeNG’s The Best Of… (Chocolatey) Snack straight from the grocery shelves (2nd in a Series)

12 12 2008

kinder bueno - one of eNTeNG's favorite (chocolatey) snacks from right out any grocery shelf!

I  ACTUALLY have two items that made it to this installment of the series.  But the other one’s stock in the fridge at home just got totally wiped out before I could even take photos!  So, expect an update to this post over the weekend.  I hope!


For now, I’m starting off with something I have steered clear of for the longest time.  For some reason, the bright white-and-red foil packaging didn’t appeal to me.  So, how did I get to try them?  I received six packs thrown in for free with the MANY MANY 16-piece boxes of Ferrero Rocher© that I purchased at one point this year (for my Ferrero binge moments and to give to friends).  I hadn’t the faintest idea what the freebies were, so I went through the packaging.  And one thing immediately jumped out of it and made me bright-eyed with expectation – they were made by Ferrero S.p.A.!


kinder bueno’ (‘WITH MILK & HAZELNUTS,’ the label screams) is ‘milk chocolate-covered wafer with smooth milk and hazelnut filling.’



The actual kinder bueno bars are faithful to the image on the package. Yummy! Don't the strings of milk chocolate drizzled on the chocolate coating just look so tempting?

That’s about as succinct and, at the same time, as complete as one can get in describing these treats.  I could very well park my pen here (I’m on pen-and-paper mode right now) and just hope that you will go out and buy them for yourself.  But I guess I can go on for a few more words. 


I still remember the first time I had these.  Before I gobbled a quarter of one of the two bars that come in one package, I licked off the milk chocolate covering first.  It was a delectable blend of the smooth chocolate covering and what I surmised as chocolate sauce that was drizzled onto the bars and allowed to harden.  For milk chocolate, it was NOT annoyingly sweet.  I know of some people who will only have dark chocolate.  But I think, the sweetness of kinder bueno is something they will be able to tolerate.  It was a plus too that it was just so velvety.



That thick center - of milk and hazelnut filling - is just too good to resist. Its light texture is perfect in giving character and body to the blend of flavors.

As the milk chocolate submitted to my insistent licks, it revealed the yummy brownish layer of wafer.  The wafer gave a crunch that reverberated within the walls of my mouth.  With each bite I made, the crumbling wafer helped scoop up the smooth milk and hazelnut filling that was snuggling inside it.  By filling, in this case, I don’t mean cream like whipped cream.  Though it’s not the ganache you would find in truffles too.  It’s a rather thick consistency that looked so crumbly.

Every component just felt so light – the milk chocolate, the wafer, the filling – but with each chew, I realized just how substantial and satiating kinder bueno could be.  I’ve loved Ferrero Rocher© all this time.  And munching on kinder bueno is a feeling akin to munching on Ferrero.


I brought a lot of these with me to work today and I shared them with friends.  Superman would’ve loved this!  As you shall see on the pictures, I used my old-but-trusty IBM ThinkPad T42 as foil to these luscious confections.


It would be nice to put this on your shopping list the next time you hit the grocery shelves.  At just Php 40.50 for a 43-gram pack of two bars, kinder bueno is such a steal.


"Bite me!"... kinder bueno on my laptop.




3 responses

13 12 2008

partner! kinder bueno’s my favorite too 🙂


14 12 2008

i would have believe if i have tasted it *wink


16 12 2008

thanks boss for letting me discover this. i’ve eaten the one you gave me when i was travelling to baguio. if i remember it right, the bus was passing by UST that time when i opened the package. and i texted you that it tastes like ferrero rocher (which is my favorite chocolate of all time).

thanks boss…


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