eNTeNG’s The Best Of… Native Delicacies – Butterscotch, all the way from Iloilo City! (3rd in a Series)

23 12 2008

Luscious treats from down south - Biscocho Haus's Butterscotch from Iloilo City! Thanks, Rhyne!

It’s a beloved Filipino custom to bring back tons of “pasalubong” from a vacation or any trip.  “Pasalubong” actually doesn’t really translate to something in English.  I mean, as far as my ‘limited’ prowess in the language is concerned (see, I’m referring to a prowess as ‘limited’… such paradox!), it doesn’t have a direct equivalent.  Loosely, it could mean anywhere from a souvenir, a token present, or ‘coming back home’ gift, if you will.  But if there is something I love about “pasalubong,” it is the fact that most of them are food items!


Which brings me to the latest installment to my ‘eNTeNG’s The Best Of…’.  And this one – Biscocho Haus’s Butterscotch – comes all the way from Iloilo City, lovingly hand-carried by my friend’s sister, then passed on to their mother.  Now, how can that be short of anything but love?!


Speaking of love, my ‘love affair’ with these goodies began about four years ago when our many engineers from Iloilo City brought back bags and bags of these goodies from their last trip back home.  And I’ve always craved for them since.  And this may sound preposterous, but I’ve come to love Iloilo City because of these treats.


Later on, I realized that most other bakeshops offer butterscotch.  But the ones from Biscocho Haus in Iloilo City are tops on my list!



Technically, butterscotch is something made of sugar and butter.  That’s about it.  And mind you, that tastes good in itself.  Though a word of caution to those with a short fuse for extremely sweet confectionery, sugar and butter alone may seem too cloying.  Probably that was why Biscocho Haus threw in flour, eggs and milk to the mix and came up with their to-die-for, heavenly butterscotch!


I can finish a bag of these.  And to shamelessly borrow a line from another product, ‘once I pop, I can’t stop!’  I tear the plastic bag open, and like a conveyor belt assembly line, I open each butterscotch cube wrapped in multi-colored cellophane, put it in my mouth, chew, and experience one of the most intense moments of pleasure I’ve ever had.


Each cube is like the most dense, but at the same time, most moist piece of confection there (ever) is.  It has a nice crumb that’s packed well (like ‘packed’ brown sugar), and when chewed gives the sensation of the smoothest nougat.  It almost tastes like ‘food for the gods’ but without the dates.  And the best part of it is that these are made from ingredients that can only be fresh – flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk.  Plain and simple!  I read the package and I see that I understand everything that went to what I’m putting in my mouth!


I’ve had butterscotch from practically everywhere – including the ‘caramel bars’ from Max’s – and these ones from Biscocho Haus in Iloilo City are undisputedly the best!




5 responses

23 12 2008
eyes only

may kulang pa yan…yung butter sticks(?)! 🙂


23 12 2008

These butterscoth are not too sweet. i love it, really i do!


9 01 2009

Proudly made in our native land…

Makes you an Ilonggo by taste buds Boss Enteng… Welcome to the club!!!


24 05 2009

Surprisingly, BUTTERSCOTCH is now Iloilo City’s most sought after pasalubong not piaya, biscocho,barquillos.
Because of this I reviewed all the butterscotch made in the city LOL and surprisingly (again) I’ve demoted BISCOCHO HAUS butterscotch to #3.
Anyway other GOOD items from bicocho haus are their YEMAS and BUTTERED/GARLIC toasts


2 09 2010

loooove. my fave is Rgie’s butterscotch with mango chips.


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