Conti’s assorted pastries from Spider-man!

24 12 2008

When I was walking Spider-man to his car at the office parking lot on his last day at work this year, he kept gushing about the Conti’s pastries he just had.  It was his first time to try them, quite funny since he was the one who brought the pastries to work that day.  You see, he brought at least, I think, eight boxes of these luscious, sinful treats to give away to his engineers.  I was the only one outside his team who got a box.  Hahaha!!!  Thanks Spider-man (and of course thanks to the wifey, Juvy).


I haven’t really tried them yet.  All I could tell is that it is an assortment of pastries – butterscotch bars, cashew brownies, choco chip brownies, coffee butterscotch, and food for the goods.  I’m quite thankful to Spider-man for remembering me on his list!


I saved them for our holiday dinner at home.  So I’m putting off the ‘review’ for later.  But I do know that Conti’s has one of the most respected names in the pastry industry.  And one of the most memorable birthday cakes I have ever had was the tower that was Conti’s Mango Bravo (I think) that Friendship gave me a couple of years back.


But in what could only be called ‘food porn,’ I’m sharing just some of the pictures for now!  Enjoy!  Happy Holidays!








One response

25 12 2008

i think the 2nd one from the right are the espresso bars…they’re the best
you should also try conti’s cakes…they have good food too
but picking up food from them for the holidays is just a pain!


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