eNTeNG loved these – Chocolate Pecan Cupcakes from Betchie Jose

24 12 2008

The cupcakes from THE Betchie Jose! I super LOVED this!

One thing nice about the holidays is that it affords you the chance to be surprised.  This week, everytime I left my desk, I would almost always feel a half-hearted anticipation the very moment I was retracing my steps back to my cubicle after meetings.  And rightfully so, because I always found beautifully packaged, wrapped (edible) gifts, short of being festooned for the holidays, sitting on the pedestal table that is my desk, waiting for me.


I’m quite thankful for all of them, for it feels great to be remembered.  I was raised to always say thank you for any gift – big or small – and these thoughtful treats are no exception.  Laugh all you want but truly…  it is the thought that really counts.


Which was why I don’t really know why my very good friend Betchie Jose was quite ‘apologetic’ about the cupcakes she left on my desk yesterday.  Because not only did she think of me and put me on her Christmas list.  She, more importantly, thought of me well with what she gave.


The card said ‘Malen’s Pizza Pasta Bakeshop.’  And inside the bright red-and-gold holiday gift box tied with a wide ribbon in that-other-holiday-color green, and embellished with a gold bell, were eight of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.


Sitting pretty on my 'The Cellar' saucer is Malen's chocolate pecan cupcake from THE Betchie Jose!


You know very well that I swear by ‘Cupcakes By Sonja,’ the authority on cupcakes!  Even Friendship, in an e-Mail to me in the first half of November this year, said, “By the way, there’s this cupcake café in town (Alabang Town Center – eNTeNG), in front of Marks & Spencer…  and the verdict?  Sonja’s cupcakes are still the best!  And then there are ‘Marta’s Cupcakes’ which I like too.


And now, these – Malen’s Cupcakes, courtesy of none other than THE Betchie Jose.


I found these cupcakes to be very light – truly what fluffy means.  On my first bite, I noticed just how much these cupcakes were really “small cakes.”  They were like your typical sponge cake, covered generously by the your usual boiled chocolate icing (against the buttercream frosting Sonja has perfected…  oh, with Marta a close second!).  But what really pleasantly surprised me was the fact that these cupcakes were NOT sweet at all!  Yes, the icing glistened under the light.  And the barely caramelized grooves of the pecans that also captured glints seemed like portents of extreme sugar rush.  But no, they were just right.  I actually LOVED the ‘bitter’ hints that I caught with every bite.  The soft cake crumb itself readily gave in to every piercing bite of my teeth.  And the icing that came with every sinful bite was the perfect foil to the bitterness that was teasing my taste buds.


Yes, there were eight cupcakes in the box.  And I had four of them just to myself.  Good thing there was still the value of sharing that kept my conscience on check…  And allowed me to share these delights with my family!


I don’t know who Malen is.  Or where her ‘pizza pasta bakeshop’ stands.  All I know is that she does a good job on her chocolate pecan cupcakes, no doubt!


All that was left was this paper liner - the silent witness to the attack of the eNTeNG!




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