It’s Official – Monday Nights are for cupcakes (at – wherelse?! – Cupcakes By Sonja… with Sonja!)

20 01 2009

In (coincidentally) matching orange outfits - eNTeNG and THE Sonja L. Ocampo, (pastry) chef/owner, Cupcakes By Sonja.


In this age of everything cutting-edge (or are we past that age already?), I find comfort in my spontaneity and ability to deal with ambiguity – a couple of things that have helped me keep up with life’s crazy pace.  Even the 14 people in my team in the office can probably attest to the fact that I could be the most unpredictable person there is.  And so far, as I have said, people not really being able to foretell how I would do or keep doing things, has served me well.  And I love not confining myself to a routine.


Except for one.  Which now, I’m sharing with you.




Nothing says it any better than this!


Lately, whenever I get the feeling that I’m so cold and everything seems sad – that the blanket I love to snuggle in is wet and is still tumbling in the dryer – I have sought comfort in the company of the simplest of things.  A tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade (or a pot of simmering chamomile tea), a dessert fork, and a pastel-lined dessert plate, on which would be sitting the prettiest confection there is – a cupcake.  It started that way, and eventually, I realized that I would keep going to that place even when things weren’t really cold or sad.  Before long, I had started a routine that I could confine myself into.


It’s official, my Monday nights are now reserved for cupcakes.  And this being my third post already about cupcakes, you should very well know where I seek this comfort – yes – at CUPCAKES BY SONJA.



Earlier tonight, I felt really good going to Cupcakes By Sonja.  I was really excited to subject my gustatory senses, yet again, to either the satisfaction of the familiar (Bunny Huggers Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Vixen, Vanilla Sunshine, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Flourless Chocolate Cake) or the thrill of the unknown (everything else on display!).  Right before entering the place, I had also just spoken to Batman on the phone.  He had just awoken from slumber, somewhere out there on the U.S. East Coast.  He called up to ask help on some details he needed for his MBA.  And of course to check on where I was hovering around the metro, as well as ask for my pasalubong request (Hahaha!).



Tonight, the Sonja Ocampo was in the store.  I think she still recognized me as one of their regulars.  And I have to say that the lovely counter staff was ever so gracious in greeting me the very moment I stepped in.  Running the risk of sounding like a stalker a.k.a.  “Professional Crazed Fan,” I was delighted to see Ms. Ocampo for the fifth time (I think!).  The first was during her store’s soft opening period in 2006.  Then, there was the time when she struck up a conversation with me by commenting on the meticulously packaged Royce Nama chocolates I was toting around.  The third time, she already recognized me by face, but she was busy attending to a photo shoot in her store that landed on that weekend’s major advertising supplement in a national broadsheet.  The fourth time was when she, on her way out, waved at me and Partner, as we devoured our Pumpkin Sweet Spice and Choco Cream Pie.


eNTeNG's new love - the Red Velvet Vixen!


One of the counter staff quickly volunteered, “Sir eNTeNG, Red Velvet Vixen?  With a smile, I said, “Yes!  But I will first have one here, together with a glass of fresh lemonade!”  She went on by telling Sonja that it has just recently turned to be my favorite.  For the longest time, they’ve known me as the Bunny Huggers guy.  I would even patiently wait for a new batch.  Or come back within the day to get my couple of boxes after I would have shopped (a little!).



As my treat was being served, Sonja started sharing stories about how her Red Velvet Vixen slowly – but surely – won acclaim.  I was surprised to learn, among other things, that she didn’t intend to offer it regularly.  It was just some sort of a special.  She didn’t expect the red velvet cake – being truly American – to gain cult following (I’m using this term loosely) among her loyal customers.  Shamelessly, while I acknowledge her points, I shared with her that I had started blogging!  I guess a part of me just wanted to let her know how I find her cupcakes.


A special limited edition "Barack Obama" inaugural Chocolate Surprise cupcake. This box will go to Superman.



I didn’t want to unnecessarily hold her down.  If there’s one thing about Sonja, it’s that she attends to a lot of roles whenever she is in the store.  So I just delighted in the time she had to talk to me.  Looking back, I was kinda disappointed I didn’t get the chance to launch it to a full-on interview!  Besides not wanting to demand from Sonja’s time, the Red Velvet Vixen in front of me was just something that could not be ignored!  Though on second thought, it would’ve been nice to hear from someone who is nothing short of a trailblazer in the local food industry.  When everybody else smirked at what they thought as “overpriced” cupcakes, Sonja just kept on going – doing what she knows best.  And her efforts have paid off.  Now it can be told, the Filipino consumer has matured, willing to pay for the best, the freshest, and the choicest of ingredients.


Before I left, I had three boxes made.  I’ll be bringing two of these boxes to work tomorrow – one each for Spider-man and Superman.  As Superman has lately taken interest on the newly elected (44th) U.S. President Barack Obama and his (Obama’s) works, I couldn’t resist but throw in in Superman’s box the special “Barack Obama” inaugural commemorative Chocolate Surprise cupcake!


The Rina Albert cupcake notebook!


I shared a Red Velvet Vixen with my good friend Leah.


As the cash register rung my purchase, I suddenly felt the urge to grab one of the Rina Albert cupcake notebooks on display.  I was so surprised that Sonja decided to give me the notebook for free, wishing that I would use it fully as I continue to pursue my passion to write.


Such a lovely lady!


The perfect gift for your foodie friends... or just about anybody you love!



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20 01 2009

I knew it! Right after I so Leah’s status on her Facebook as “Leah is enjoying her Sonja Ocampo’s Red Velvet Vixen cupcake from a thoughtful friend… yummylicious!” I never had a second thought… it’s from you!


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