eNTeNG’s Mushroom & Cheese Snack

22 01 2009


AS I said in previous posts, I have started to go on a weight loss diet plan and have actually been on it since August last year.  With much encouragement from Superman and Batman, I have managed to stick to my self-imposed diet.  And so far, i have lost around 18lbs already.


But as the sage counsel of my superhero best friends goes, a sensible diet needs to be coupled with a regular exercise regimen for optimum results.  And that ‘s what I have just started!  I’ve revived my 4- to 5-kilometer fun runs after office hours!  I’m thinking two to three times a week will help a lot!


But I’m not really going to talk about jogging here.  I just thought about sharing with you one super simple recipe of a snack that has become a regular in my total weight loss plan (diet + exercise).  It’s “eNTeNG’s Mushroom & Cheese.”  I whip this up for a light mid-afternoon or early-evening snack.  A number of times already, this has actually been dinner for me!



I just need four ingredients.  And freshness is key!  I use two kinds of fresh button mushrooms – the classic white and swiss brown – which I slice rather thickly.  For white button mushrooms, I buy Tuscan Fields, and for swiss brown, I get the ones from Malaysia, which come with an orange-and-white sticker on the package, saying “Swiss Brown.”  Both scream: “pesticide-free!”   You may use just one kind of button mushrooms but I find the combination of the white and the brown interesting, perfectly marrying even… to give a robust, well-rounded mushroom flavor.  On its own, the white button mushrooms are tender, with a really really intense flavor.  The swiss brown mushrooms, on the other hand, are a bit tougher, though with a really subtle – almost faint – flavor.  These mushrooms are so good that I end up munching on almost half of them before I get to completely slice everything!  And by the way, NEVER wash fresh mushrooms or they’ll become tough.  I use a folded paper towel just to wipe the caps of each mushroom.



The other two ingredients I need are Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coon® Light & Tasty Shredded Natural Cheddar Cheese, with 25% less fat!



In a well-aged skillet (non-stick works well too!), heat a little extra virgin olive oil.  Put the sliced mushrooms on one layer, and heat through.  DO NOT STIR FRY, unless you want to end up with a soupy dish!  After about a minute, when the heated sides of the mushrooms have been seared, with most of the mushroom’s natural juices kept, you may give them a light stir.  If you’re patient enough, you may flip them one by one.  Hehehe.  And in just one more minute, you may remove the mushrooms from the heat and you are ready to plate the dish!


I put my mushrooms on my Lenox Temper-Ware® ‘Freezer-to-Oven-to-Table-to-Dishwasher’ Silhouette plate, and immediately sprinkle on top of them a generous amount of the shredded cheese.  I mix them and the residual heat melts the cheese beautifully!  The resulting mushroom & cheese medley tastes so good and comforting.  This particular light cheddar cheese complements the mushroom well.  And I couldn’t stop getting forkfuls, using my favorite Oneida® Silversmiths fork that is just so pretty.


Whenever I have the time, I make a mean all-eggwhite omelet with this mushroom & cheese as filling.





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