People do “outnice” themselves sometimes…

23 01 2009



Just when I thought today would be one of the worst days ever, I got something that is nothing short of the “pick-me-upper” I sorely need.


Right in the middle of a very “direct-to-the-point,” “no sugarcoating” e-Mail I was composing, my good friend Marie Therese Monique “Rizzie” Cruz Ocampo-Lontoc stopped by my cubicle and with a careful pat on the back, handed me the most beautiful thing I’ve laid my eyes on today.



It’s a gift from Bom and her.  Seriously, I’ve told them that they shouldn’t have to give anything anymore.  I was really honored they asked me to do the job – which wasn’t a job at all but more like a “gift” to them.  And on hindsight, I chuckle at the thought of how this “gift” (my emceeing)  would be of help to building their (first) dream house.  Hahaha!  Seriously (again!), in an IM (instant message) to Rizzie, I had said that I have actually done more for even nothing… for people who don’t carry as much importance (to me) as they.



But them giving this gift just showed me one thing.  Sometimes, people in your life, when you least expect it, do manage to “outnice” themselves.  Sometimes, without a word – or even a sign – people’s gestures can’t help but make you feel thankful for everything good in this world – especially in these times of crisis!


As you shall see from the pictures, the gift is a study in classic, understated elegance.  Truly a reflection of Bom and Rizzie (more like Rizzie, I guess) are the simple white box, tied with a silver metallic mesh band, with a personal, sincere note.  Thanks Bom and Rizzie!!!  I appreciate this a lot.


I couldn’t bring myself to open this gift.  Not just yet.  But I’m definitely breathless in anticipation of what lies beneath.





One response

26 01 2009
Crying Freeman

Hmmmm… I wonder what’s inside. /:)

I was actually tempted to scroll down while reading just to see what’s inside. Hehe.


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