Lost in a swirl… and eNTeNG loved it!

27 01 2009

Cupcakes By Sonja's Choco Cream Cheese Swirl (served here without frosting... you may ask for frosting if you like it that way!)


As I promised myself last Sunday night, I went back to Cupcakes By Sonja on Monday evening – not only for my regular fix – but also to try one of their new offerings.  I trained my eyes on the lovingly handwritten cupcakes menu on the wall, and as my sights reached the end of the list, I felt as if a jolt hit my synapses, shaking me out my dreamy expectations for the feel of perfectly melding chocolate and cream cheese partying in my mouth.



With the look of desperation, I asked Sonja and her staff, “You’ve run out of the Choco Cream Cheese Swirl already?  I saw it on your list last night.”


Sonja, carefully puckering her lips, motioned to her staff to check the other end of their display.  And then I saw it!  The sight of nine cupcakes in the variant I was so lusting after, instantly put me out of my temporal misery.


I asked for one and, for yet another change in my routine, I requested for their Chocolate Madness Milkshake!  Clearly, I was ready for a chocolate overload!


The perfect accompaniment - the Chocolate Madness Milkshake!


Before I dug my dessert fork into the cupcake, I told Sonja that I was really excited to see how this cupcake looked (and tasted) like, especially since one of my most favorite desserts is the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, at their store on the top floor of Macy’s Department Store in San Francisco.  With the Sonja’s creation right in front of me, I noticed the most striking difference that also quickly reminded me how stupid I could be sometimes!  Sonja’s is a cupcake, not a cheesecake!  But don’t get me wrong, I never felt even an iota of disappointment.  As a matter of fact, holding the cupcake in my hand, what I felt all the more was how my appetite had been whetted.


Only the highest quality ingredients will do for a Sonja Ocampo cupcake! Don't you just want to devour this confection?!


Cupcakes By Sonja’s Choco Cream Cheese Swirl tempts with a crackly, marbled top that’s a throwback to the chocolate marble ice cream of my youth.  And this is not food color I’m talking about.  What it is is actual cream cheese, chunks of which were dotted on the cake and as these melt with the heat, they are swirled to create that perfect mabled effect.  Like puffy clouds I could just touch at more than 30,000 feet up in the sky, the cream cheese swirls work their way all over the top, bound clearly with the deep dark brown chocolate cake, at the same time bound with blurs of what appear to me as froths from a hot cup of cappuccino.



I worked my fork all the way thru the cupcake and I instantly got how it somewhat resembled a brownie – the perfect brownie.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was how my palate was arrested by the distinct and married textures and flavors from this swirl cupcake.  The cake itself has a packed, perfect crumb, boasting of melted cream cheese that made it (the cupcake) ooze with more creamy goodness.  I kept chewing and realized that the cream cheese not only accentuated just how good the chocolate cake is, but how perfectly it is kept moist.  Another quick piercing with my fork revealed another layer of surprise from this cupcake – it has a gooey center, generous with molten chocolate!  It is just so good.  Kim told me that I could request for cream cheese frosting on top.  And had I asked for it, that would’ve made my cupcake cross over to decadent – still, in a good way!


While I selfishly confine myself to my world of me, my cupcake and I, I didn’t forget to have some boxes put together for special people.  As usual, I made two identical 4-cupcake boxes – one each for Spider-man and Superman.  Each has a Melt-In-Your-Mouth Flourless Chocolate Cupcake, and three Choco Cream Cheese Swirl cupcakes – two with cream cheese frosting, and one without.


I asked for two sets of this box of 4 special cupcakes - one box goes to Spider-man, and another to Superman! It contains 3 choco cream cheese swirl (2 with cream cheese frosting) and 1 melt-in-your-mouth valrhona flourless chocolate cake. Superman likes chocolates a lot!


I could imagine serving this cupcake after a fabulous dinner.  And for sure, the moment it comes out of the kitchen, a hush would fall in the room, as its presence is acknowledged.  And with bated breath, each would grab his own cupcake, admire it for a short moment, and with the very first bite get transported all the way to dessert heaven… or la-la-la land.  With Sonja’s Choco Cream Cheese cupcake in my hand, I don’t need The Godiva Cheesecake at all (not just yet!).  I even totally forgot Giada’s chocolate cake!


Cupcakes By Sonja started offering the Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl this January 2009.  I think it is still a limited edition cupcake.  Their store is at 1 C03 Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.  Tel. No. 856-0308.  e-Mail cupcakesbysonja@gmail.com.




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28 01 2009

All those cupcake talks made me remember someone’s promise to bring one for me to try… Anyway, it’s never too late. I’m still waiting. Hehehe. The pictures look so tempting, the description is mouth-watering, what other reasons do I have not to crave?


28 01 2009

What an intricate and a very pristine description of Sonja’s cupcake. Even if I haven’t got a chance to dine at Sonja’s, I could taste every delicacy that Sonja’s could offer just by reading Enteng’s blog… I just wish that I could taste the real thing… paging Boss Enteng… hihingi lang po kami ng libreng samples ng cupcake mula kay Sonja… please!!! c”,)


29 01 2009

Choco Cream Cheese Swirl — the name of the cupcake says it all! A winner definitely!

Wow, Enteng! You and Sonja must be really good friends by now!

I should drop by at Serendra one of this days!


5 06 2009

Hi Enteng!

Can I just say, I love all of these food porn all over your blog! especially all those desserts. The way you descibe made me feel like I’ve tasted the real thing without all the calories! hahaha. I love the shoutout to Cheesecake Factory’s Godiva Cheesecake which is my favorite as well. If I get the chance to go home, I’ll make sure to check out your blog first for your food review and make sure to try it out.


11 02 2010

Searching about cupcakes then found your site, it was a great post. Enjoyed browsing your blog… Keep it up =)


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