Buttered Shrimp fom Ate Choi

1 02 2009

Buttered Shrimp from Ate Choi. Photo taken by Spider-man, using his iPhone.

FRIDAY IS actually one of the days in the week when I shun rice totally.  I’ve incorporated rice back into my diet, but still, I’ve been keeping it at bay – about two to three times in a week, tops.


But last Friday’s lunch turned out to be extra special.  I felt that to not have my meal with rice would do the whole thing an unjustice.  You see, Ate Choi, one of the people I’ve known at work for over a decade now, had brought me Buttered Shrimp – her own recipe.  She and her team mates have been very kind to me, always bringing me food whenever they would have small gatherings at work.  They’ve counted me as their own.  And I can’t help but feel very appreciative of that.


I’ve actually tasted this dish of hers (buttered shrimp) long before – using either shrimps or black tiger prawns, depending on the catch of the day.  But this was the first time that she brought it exclusively for me!  It was a huge batch, easily over a kilo or even two kilos!


I wasn’t into running the risk of letting my blood pressure and cholesterol levels run into overdrive, so I opted to share these with some of my engineers and even friends from our Design Engineering Center.  Besides, there were really a lot.  Spider-man and I divided the whole thing into three huge bowls that we popped in to the microwave for a quick reheat.


The shrimps were really fresh.  And were perfectly cooked.  Not a single one had the shells clinging to the flesh, which to me is a sure indication of overcooking.  Each shrimp was a good medium size, with a really, naturally sweet goodness.  My engineers, even my other friends Jet and Ems, loved the shrimps.


I could surmise how Ate Choi must have made her buttered shrimp.  But realizing just how good she does make it, I couldn’t help but ask for the recipe.  I hope she got my e-Mail and that she would respond to it with the recipe attached!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.