Batman Returns!

5 02 2009

THE DARK Knight is back!  It’s actually a couple of missed calls on my cellphones that told me that one of my “bestest” friends is finally home again.  He’s actually now in his office – so up and about – and I think it is the jet lag.  But he was quick to correct me that it is less the jet lag and more the fact that he just couldn’t sleep.  That… and I think he does have a lot of things to attend to.


I could tell from the excitement in his voice, as he shared snippets from his almost three-week adventure, that he had a blast in Gotham City.  As I said in my 16 January 2009 post (“So looking forward to this…”), I am so excited to read his adventures, which he has chronicled and planned to post with the title: “At The Movies:  The Adventures of Batman in Gotham City”.  I think the working title has changed.  But the bottomline remains, I am so excited to read everything he has to say!  And if at all possible, I’m even more excited over all the pasalubong (Starbucks®, NBC Studios, etc.)!  Yippee!


One part of our earlier e-Mail exchange today made me so green with envy.  How I wish I were in New York too!  You see, Batman included Café Lalo in his walking tour of the city.  I obviously cannot do anything about it (not being there  hehehe…), but what I do regret more was not asking Batman to stop by The Magnolia Bakery on 401 Bleecker Street!  I’m not sure if that has been featured on the big screen ever.  But I guess the birthday cupcake saved for Andrea “Andy” Sachs (played by Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”) by her boyfriend came from The Magnolia Bakery.



Welcome back, Batman!  I’m so looking forward to our next foodie adventure – dinner at you-know-where and desserts at Cupcakes By Sonja!  And post ‘em pics already, ok?! 




3 responses

5 02 2009
eyes only

bilib ako. naka-post na kagad! 🙂


5 02 2009

Ive seen that Devil’s Wear Prada movie. Are you referring to that cupcake with a candle lit on top. Its the cupcake andrea gave to her boyfriend the night she wasn’t able to come to his bday party right. Boss enteng, you really know so much!*laughs


5 02 2009

btw boss enteng, ive created a link on your page from my own page already… =)


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