Happiness is a box of six

10 02 2009


ONLY A few things do manage to stop me on my tracks.  Some of them, they just stop me and then I would carry on.  Some of them, they stop me, demand for my second look…  and then a scream.  Hahaha!


And still, there are others that stop me, demand for my second look…  and deserve my appreciation and say, a few minutes to even hours of my time.  I can enumerate at least three of these.


The CUPCAKES BY SONJA signage (especially when lit at night).


Big bold red letters that spell SALE (there’s a recession, sleepy head!).


And wherever a lit neon sign says, “HOT KRISPY KREME ORIGINAL GLAZED NOW.”



Which is only at – wherelse?! – Krispy Kreme!  I can still vividly recall the first time I saw that sign.  It was right across one mall in Sacramento.  I think it was Sunrise Mall.  You may very well know that everytime that sign would be lit, it only meant that Krispy Kreme’s famous Original Glazed yeast-raised doughnuts were coming out the dougnut-making line right that very moment.  And I have never been disappointed with Krispy Kreme.  Even after all the hoopla has died down from when it first opened in the Philippines, I will remain forever enchanted by these doughnuts and excited with even just the thought of getting my hands on one.  Krispy Kreme still stands unperturbed as the ultimate doughnut experience.


An Original Glazed never fails to remind me that some of the strongest and longest-lasting friendships I have made were forged over a box of these doughnuts.    Obviously, munching on one always brings back happy memories.  Lately, these doughnuts and Sonja’s cupcakes have had that effect on me.


Won’t you also be happy when you get your hands on doughnuts that taste so good, they could surely only be made in batches within the store’s premises?  You can tell with one bite that they are cut, yeast-raised, fried, flipped…  and then glazed right there and then.  And of course, if you’ve been to a store – right in front of your very eyes.  Without question, the anticipation of this doughnut experience is something that will make your eyes beam wide and your mouth water.


Arguably, happiness is a box of six Kripy Kreme doughnuts.  But since I was not up to making the whole trip to Bonifacio High Street last night (which also explains my absence at Cupcakes), I depended on the kindness of one of my new friends.  He thoughtfully texted me last night to ask if I’d like to have some boxes brought to the office today.


Of course I said yes!  Sometimes – I can’t say this enough – you will get surprised with the kindness and thoughtfulness of people.  It’s like wishing upon a star…  and seeing your wishes come true.  Hahaha!


Spider-man's box of six - three original glzed, 2 cookies n' cream, 1 chocolate something.


Superman's box of six - three original glazed, one cookies n' cream, one chocolate something, one new york cheesecake (luv this one, my fave!).



4 responses

10 02 2009

wow sarap 🙂 i miss krispy kreme… pls bring some in our cube 🙂


11 02 2009
eyes only

dito din sa cube ko,ha! 🙂


11 02 2009
eyes only

buti pa ang iba, binibigyan…dapat kami din dito….:(


12 02 2009
Crying Freeman

WoW! New York Cheesecake! My favorite… 🙂


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