Tumbling over this tumbler from Batman

13 02 2009


OF THE many pasalubong I got from Batman, one that really made me tumble with joy is this tumbler.  Which is kind of surprising as just about anybody owns a tumbler nowadays.  For my birthday last year, I actually got almost EVERY imaginable tumbler from STARBUCKS COFFEE®.  Seriously!  And just about anybody actually carries one to anywhere and everywhere – either lugging it around or brandishing it with pride as if it’s the ultimate symbol of being “it” or “in.”


But of course, I’m overjoyed by this tumbler because it is nothing short of what can only be described as a huge 20-oz. STARBUCKS COFFEE® Green Travel Tumbler!  And it came all the way from Gotham City, that’s why.  Unfortunately, this is the only photo I’ve taken of it so far.  I’ll try to get a better shot that would do justice to something made with 28% post-consumer recycled material.  These times, you gotta love Mother Earth.  She’s all we’ve got!


If what I’ve learned so far is true, this is a limited edition 2009 hard-to-find tumbler.  Now, how can that not add to this tumbler’s appeal?!  I’m lovin’ this one.


Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!



See... made with 28% post-consumer recycled material!


Sweets for my “sweets”

13 02 2009


NO, I am not about to burst into song as I write this one.  What the heck!…  All together now: “Sweets for my sweet / Sugar for my honey / …”  Hahaha!


For a while, my team in the office has been making “lambing,” asking me to bring them cupcakes.  They’re all swamped with a lot of work way beyond “punch-out” time – mostly stuff I actually need (ask) them to do! – but from time to time, they do read my blog.  Aside from the surprise they would get in seeing another side of me – the realization that I am not so much a “monster” – one thing that has happened for sure is that they have absolutely fallen in love with CUPCAKES BY SONJA.  Now that’s a FALL I’m so glad they have taken.


The very lovely Len with Spider-man's box of four Bunny Huggers Carrot Cake cupcakes!


So in the very good mood that my THAI AT SILK dinner with Batman had put me into, I went to Cupcakes By Sonja to pick up boxes for my engineers.  There’s only so much that a couple of hands can handle, so I could only get one for each.  Though everybody knows that Spider-man (one of my best friends) would always get his own box.  He is after all, in a league all his own.  Hehehe.


Spider-man's box of four Bunny Huggers Carrot Cake cupcakes!


When they got their cupcakes – one Red Velvet Vixen each – I could see and feel their appreciation.  And they did love the cupcakes!  Which for me, is such a small gesture for people who have always made me look good, so to speak.  I just thought about this expression – “…have always made me look good” – after seeing an episode of the hit ABC series Ugly Betty the other day.  Wilhelmina Slater (played with biting sarcasm by the Vanessa Williams), giving a major dressing down to her assistant Mark St. James (played by Michael Urie) declared something like:  Being thrown under the bus is part of your job to make me look good!”


Of course, I definitely do not see any throwing-under-the-bus happening within my team ever, but that snippet is just a glimpse of the hardwork and the sacrifice that the people who work “for” and with us have to do or endure sometimes.


So a cupcake is but a small gesture.


That's Albert, K-Anne and Roy Patrick!


All in a row - Edu, Adam, K-Anne, Paulo, and Roy Patrick! All smiles with their red velvet vixen cupcakes!


This is where the best cupcakes come from! (Find the store in the picture. Hehehe..).


A lovely cupcake tower! I just learned from Sonja that she makes this to order.