Revenge of the nerd

16 02 2009


I LOVE the hit NBC series “CHUCK.”  Zachary Levi essays the role of Chuck Bartowski so well that I guess he has totally sunk into the character’s skin.  There are actors who cannot – hard as they try – disappear into a role.  Zachary Levi playing Chuck is not one of those.


For those of you who don’t follow this series, let me tell you that it is about Chuck, a computer geek by day, a government secret operative agent by night (sometimes, the geek doesn’t even make it to dusk).  The series starts with Chuck, who inadvertently downloads top secret government intelligence information into his brain.  And from then on begins the double lives he lives.  As an operative agent referred to as the “human intersect,” he has also become the government’s top asset in need of protection.  Which, to most fans of the show, is something Yvonne Strahovski fits to a T as the Agent Sarah Walker.


I first chanced upon this show on CS9, watching it for the first time, when I didn’t have the faintest idea about what it was all about.  I fell in love with it and ended up sharing it with my friends.  The actors and actresses fit their roles perfectly, and each character contributes well to building the backstories about our protagonist Chuck.  I like how the story achieves the separation of the lives of the geek Chuck and the agent Chuck, while at the same time, when needed, juxtaposes the two realms, blurs the lines between them and leaves you as the audience rooting for either – or both!  The storylines of each are solid on their own, while complementing each other well.  One way to put it is that Chuck is simply ALIAS…  with a whole lot of sense of humor!


Partly in order to pacify me, Batman began watching it as well.  And he too fell in love with the show (or with Sarah, I believe so!).  Soon enough, he was burning me episodes on DVD-R’s.  But before you pass judgment, in our defense, we buy the original DVD boxed sets ones they are out in the market.  Hahaha!  Another one of my best friends who got converted to the show is Spider-man.  And to me, Spider-man is Bryce Larkin!  (You’ve got to see the show to know who he is).  And by the way, Spider-man adores Agent Sarah too!


Why am I talking about Chuck?  It is because one (yet again!) of the many pasalubong Batman got me from Gotham City is the “NERD HERD” ID holder from the NBC Studios office!  And “Nerd Herd” is the name of the technical service team in the fictitious “Buy More” store where Chuck works.


Now you know!


And one last thing…  one scene in a Season 2 episode of Chuck gave me one quote about food (I’m collecting “Quotes from the Screen” that relate to food or dining).  It says something to the effect (Chuck to Sarah) that Morgan Grimes is Chuck’s go-to guy for dining recommendations for under ten dollars.


Beat that!




**  And since Batman knows how much both Spider-man and I would like this ID holder, he (Batman) has allowed us to share.






2 responses

16 02 2009
eyes only

chuck to “sarah walker”: amazing as you are, you will never be real…

hmmm, sounds familiar…


16 02 2009
eyes only

why don’t you try watching The Big Bang Theory next?…it’s also a very funny nerdy show like ‘chuck’. the tag line is even very good…

Smart is the New Sexy. 🙂


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