The Notes Book

25 02 2009

Some of the notes... I've yet to take a photo of some of the others.

SENTIMENTAL SCHMUCK.  Those two words really come close to describing me.  And I’ve never come face-to-face with this than when I chanced upon the many many little notes I have collected and saved all these years.  I was frantically (as if I was rifling through my own drawers!) searching for the new tube of “mighty bond” adhesive I had unceremoniously thrown at my study table the other night, when, little notes from years back, tucked in to one side of a drawer, put a standstill to my scouring.


I totally forgot the tube of adhesive and the repair I needed to make on one of the worn-out (but I-so-love) straps of one of my wristwatches as I couldn’t put down the stacks of notes I was holding in my hands.  Some were written on post-its.  Some were scrawled on envelopes.  A number were scribbled on the back of restaurant receipts.  Others were on gift wrappers.  Still others were on torn pieces of paper.  I slumped at the end of the bed and just read on and on.



There were the messages attached to gifts (birthday, Christmas and New Year’s – no Valentine’s.  Hahaha!).  A lot of scribbling about TV shows, movies and mp3s burned onto CD-Rs and DVD-Rs given to me.  A particular message about me finally being able to know who “Louis” is and why the giver associated me with the character (attached to an original, limited edition DVD release of “Casablanca”).  Quite a number were tags that have clearly outlasted the edible gifts they clung to at one point.  And still others were really just simple one-liners saying someone thought about getting me something when they saw them (the “something”) on a trip abroad.  The hours just passed and going over these messages made me run a whole gamut of emotions.  And more importantly, it made me realize that at a lot of points in the past, I have been at the receiving end of the thoughtfulness of so many people.



This realization brought to mind one of the characters Paul Newman played in the movies.  He asked the difference between people in the world.  He said it was neither about being rich or poor.  Or even about being good or evil.  He said it was about those who have had the experience of pleasure and love…  and those who haven’t.  I have a good feeling where I belong.


Now, paging Batman.  Can you tell me which Paul Newman movie was that?


A note on this pile came from Spider-man!



One response

1 03 2009

aaaw… that is soo sweet. keeping small thought-notes like those tlga tells that a person appreciates and treasures friendship and memories.. *kudos awards*


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