“Being not unhappy”

4 03 2009

SOMETIMES THERE’S nothing like a text message – that comes in to your inbox even before the sun breaks free and through the clouds – to really provoke one’s thought…  shake up a sleepyhead…  cause a pregnant pause…  and stir emotions that have better remained undisturbed.  I got such one today.


What for you is the difference between being happyandbeing not unhappy’.”


Pregnant pause.


And rightfully so, because before this person asked me about this, I realize that I have never given a conscious effort to look deep within me to check if I am happy.  Or just not unhappy.  I didn’t feel the need to ever compartmentalize my life like this.  Not even close to thinking about ever having the need to tick either one of these labels, if ever they would come on a form to fill out about my life.


For me, I see it this way.  Being happy is assertive.  If I’d use grammar as an analogy, I will go out on a limb and say that being happy is “active.”  It is active in the sense that the subject (myself) is the doer of the action (being happy).  And when you are indeed being happy, you are in control of the situation that is making you happy.  You are involved.  You are most likely in a deep state of enjoyment, and you show marked signs of joy and pleasure.


Being not unhappy does come across to me as just being “passive.”  When someone is being not unhappy, it could only mean that there is most likely nothing that they can do about the situation they are in.  And in order to mitigate the pain(?) – stop the bleeding, so to speak – from such situation, the course of last resort could be to not be unhappy about it.


That’s it.  That’s my take.  I guess I have been “being not unhappy” and back, to know enough that being not unhappy is just euphemism for “sad but trying not to.”


What about you, what do you think?





Someone who just read this post asked me if this is a sequel to “fall.”  Not really.  But if you think about it…


Sometimes you fall… and end up being not unhappy.


So there!