Riding in “cars” with Kuya

5 03 2009



I’VE NEVER realized that it has been eons and epochs already since I last saw and spoke to Kuya (big brother)  until we bumped into each other yesterday afternoon after office hours.


His first question was the requisite “how are you?!”  And, as it has been in the past four months, I automatically replied, “I’m now blogging,” my standard retort and attempt at shameless self-promotion.  Hahaha!


Kuya has been very supportive of me and my pursuits so I could tell his interest was piqued.


“What are you blogging about?”  he went on.


“Mostly food,” I responded through a smile, “and sometimes really random musings.”


Food trip?!”  he sort of clarified (or was it… “corrected” me?).


“Yeah!  And sometimes food I cook myself!”


“…  and what else (‘random musings’)?”  he followed up.


And to maximize the impact of my next response, I whipped out my new business card, wrote down the URL of this blog, and said, “You have to read my blog to find out!”  (Later on I wrote down the exact title of two posts I required him to read.)


Kuya is the (public affairs) manager for higher education at the multinational company where I used to work.  He liaises between our company and the country’s top educational institutions and works with them on key projects.  He designs, develops and implements these projects that help improve our country’s science and technology curriculum.


He sort of “discovered” me and gave me numerous opportunities that saw me traveling to top educational institutions in the country, to give (career) talks and  interact with graduating classes, as well as conduct interviews for internships and engineering positions.  My most memorable ones had been to Iloilo City, Bacolod City and of course, to De La Salle University Manila where I was one of the speakers in a national conference.


As we talked, I realized that it had REALLY been a long while since we last got in touch.  And that was when I made a promise to give him CD-Rs and DVD-Rs of the many U.S. TV shows that I had been forcing him to watch.  He wouldn’t actually give TV shows – save for basketball! – his time of day, but then was the most opportune time since he was about to leave for a (long) assignment in India.


And from his end, quite a number of life-changing experiences had happened since.


To make up for lost time, I kind of kidded him that we should celebrate his upcoming birthday!  He was quite surprised – and had to give me props – that I remembered the date.  Actually, my photographic memory is all I have going for me.  Hahaha!  But seriously, I guess there would be a birthday celebration!


Before we parted ways, I learned that he had made plans for a working lunch (today) at The New Bombay Authentic Cuisine on H. V. Dela Costa Street in Makati.  And since I just wrote about it here, all the more that I egged him to check out my blog!  I also handed him a handwritten note that has my “usuals” at New Bombay (kept between the pages of my 16-month Starbucks Coffe® Date Planner & Journal).  I hope he tried them!


It was nice seeing you again, Kuya.  And happy advance birthday!