Ticking away

6 03 2009



IT IS 10:15 PM.  And I can feel a case of the “mean reds” looming (yes Batman, that’s so Breakfast At Tiffany’s!).  Not just the blues – but the really horrible mean reds.  It has actually been overcasting my day…  I just can’t seem to put my finger on what it exactly is.  Is it a case of being not unhappy?  I don’t know.


I need a cheer-me-up really badly.  So that’s when I decided to look at these – wristwatches.  I’m not expecting these to bring me happiness – more so, joy – as that would be asking too much.  I just hope they could snap me out of this feeling.


I’ve written before (in our office newsletter) that if there is ever a “material” expression of the highest regard I could afford someone, it would be to give them a wristwatch.  Why?  It is because I love wristwatches so much.  And it is only by giving away something I love so dearly that i think I could really make someone feel genuinely appreciated (by me).


Beyond telling time, a wristwatch means so much more.  I’ve read somewhere that it is the most looked-at thing on any given day.  And having one strapped on my wrist means that I spend the most of my day with it (whichever it is I have on).  It’s with me on the ups and downs.  It sees my smile whenever I’m breathless in anticipation about something that I shall do or someone that I shall see on an appointed time.  It also sees my frown and furrowed brows whenever I or someone else is running late…  or when things don’t go as planned and all I could do is stand – frozen in time – as the cookie crumbles.


A wristwatch does mean more when I acquire it to mark a significant milestone – my small everyday victories.  And it’s value multiplies by a millionfold if it is a gift from someone else!  As a matter of fact, some of the ones I hold dear are hand-me-downs.


With my wristwatch ticks my own physiological beats.  And as it swings from my arm – leisurely or in a mad dash – with it I write my history.  And the nicks and dents it sometimes inevitably gets, only add to the meaning I make with my life.


Believe me when I tell you, each wristwatch has a story to tell.























2 responses

30 04 2009

Nice watch collection.


7 05 2009

the watches are cool! gorgeous and sensationally hot! hehe.


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