What goes on inside a bag of Royce’?!

10 03 2009

ROYCE’ declares proudly on their stylishly stark indigo blue-and-white paper bag:




By breaking down old customs and producing consistently original items,

we are pursuing a new level in chocolate enjoyment.

                Our artisans make the finest in premium chocolate.



A big bag of Royce' chocolate treats for Superman!


And I couldn’t agree more.  No wonder, I have been coming back often to their Greenbelt 5 kiosk.


Royce’ sells Royce’ – I mean, it doesn’t need to spend on big-time advertisement.  But one thing that I do find all the more appealing is how they put together their two-counter display on what little space they have beside Adora.  Probably an homage to their Japanese origins, the beautiful boxes of chocolates are arranged ever so cleanly – not a single one is astray.  Very minimalist, I should say.  And one more thing.  For some reason, I find the frosted panels of the refrigerator doors so luxurious.  I feel like those panels hold guard to a wonderland – a chocolate factory, if you will – that could open to me at around 540 to 580 pesos a pop.  Okay, you may be saying that that is too much to pay for chocolates at these times.  But believe me when I tell you, these chocolates really are worth every cent you are going to pay for them.  As what I believe when it comes to Cupcakes By Sonja, there’s no way around paying for the highest quality ingredients, craftsmanship and talent…  than to really pay for what they are worth.


And I guess the perceived “luxury” of these chocolates pale in comparison to those offered by the eight high-end wristwatch stores surrounding it.  So, you can say you’re not really being unreasonably indulging!  Hahaha!


I’m kind of surprised that the dynamic duo manning the kiosk remember me from the week before.  That is just so reflective of the customer orientation and service that these service personnel most likely imbibed from the principles of whoever brought here Royce’.


This time, I asked for – yes – a box of the Nama Chocolate Champagne Pierre Mignon.  And, of the many other choices, the Prafeuille Chocolat Coffee Chocolate.  They carefully and meticulously packed everything and put them inside their big paper bag that just speaks volumes of the kind of chocolate enjoyment that is promised to lie inside.



Superman’s friends (and he of course) just loved them!  I think it was the Nama that they started with.  It actually happens to be one of Superman’s favorites.




One response

11 03 2009
envious of superman

wish i could have a grab of one of those chocolates from royce; im so sad, i need some Joys from Royce.


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