“Extra” Extra Hot Chili

9 04 2009

ONE OF my guiltiest pleasures is Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili.


Only (at least) two packets of Lucky Me! Extra Hot Chili will do!


Not one packet, but two.  Always two for one serving!


And as if being the “Extra Hot Chili” variant would be enough – or even more – for one person to take, I would always reach out for my McCormick Ground Cayenne Pepper.  When I make my sauce mix, I always hit the flavor pack, soy sauce and oil with three dashes of the cayenne pepper.  Exactly three dashes!


The burst of red in this photo is courtesy of exactly three dashes of McCormick Ground Cayenne Pepper.


And this is how O.C. I could get with cooking the noodles.  I bring the water to a boil, throw in the noodles.  Time it for exactly one minute.  Take off the lid of the pan, stir the noodles.  Replace the lid.  Time it for exactly another minute.  Then, remove the lid and count exactly 30 seconds!  I turn off the fire.  Run cold tap water through the sink, then drain the noodles (but not under the running cold tap water!).  I run cold tap water just so I could take the steam down a little bit, as well as prevent the pipes from getting shocked.


I always use an alarm timer when I cook my noodles.  I would throw away batches that would appear or taste overcooked or soggy.


Once I mix the noodles well with the sauce, I hit it one more time with one dash of cayenne pepper.  Then  I top everything with blanched cabbage, baby bok choy, or “Pechay Baguio.”


My "extra" extra hot chili Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.


That’s how I want my instant pancit canton.


Even with just instant pancit canton, I've got to have my veggies!




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