Popping the…

12 04 2009


I WOKE up home alone today… and not knowing if I want to have breakfast or not.  I dragged myself out of bed, felt with my feet the pile of footwear on the floor.  Found my black-and-yellow crocs™ flip-flop.  Slid it on.


Off I went to the trusty old refrigerator.  Half-asleep still, I flung its creaking door open and surveyed the contents.


A clipped already-open bag of SaladTime Arugula & Mixed Greens.  Maybe later for lunch.  A 500-gram block of tofu.  Surely for later at lunch.  A half-gallon tub of Magnolia Nestle Super Mocha Ice Cream.  Definitely for later after lunch.  And it went on, until I parted the line of 1.5-liter bottles of soda water, and found this – D-Wayan Cherry Wine.  This must have been in cold storage for at least three months now!


My first ever cherry wine experience!


I “popped” the “cork,” so to speak, and enjoyed my “first” taste of a wine pressed from a fuit other than grapes.  As the label says, “indigenous wine brewed from organic mountain fruit.”  You see, the nice thing about having an organic food product is that you will understand EVERYTHING you read on the ingredients label.  Case in point here: “fresh cherry fruit, sugar, indigenous yeast, water.”  That simple!


I don’t know what consumed me but I ended up having this wine for “breakfast.”  Talk about taking something 11.3% alcohol by volume first thing in the morning!  Surprisingly, I liked it when I sipped it, especially since the wine-connoisseur-wannabe in me didn’t actually respond favorably to the whiff I caught when the “cork” was first “popped” (there’s that word again!).  But it was good.  It was really sweet, so definitely not for the ones after really dry wine.  Being really sweet, the bitterness is masked, only to reveal itself as an after-taste that was almost like shandygaff.


I know what you’re saying, cherry wine couldn’t be all for breakfast!  I’ve got to have something else.  So I reached for the ice cream.


And I finished it off!


I finished this off - Magnolia Nestle Super Mocha Ice Cream. Sarrrap!!!





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