13th on the 13th

12 05 2009

[Note:  I’ve been getting constant follow-ups from the readers of my humble blog – yes, from all people I can count with the fingers on one hand!  I apologize for what seems to be centuries of dormancy.  I’m just having a dry spell.  Oh, not really “not being creative enough” or “running out of material.”  It has just been such a rollercoaster of emotions…]


TOMORROW, THE 13th of May, marks my 13th year on my job – the very first job I landed from when I stepped out of the comforts of the Mapua Institute of Technology.


I’ver never been the type to count the days.  I mean, I didn’t make a conscious effort to count to tomorrow.  It just occurred to me on the way to the office today.  Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “Barenaked” was blaring full blast on my earphones when it just hit me, “I’ve been doing this for 13 years!”


And I realize I’m marking this milestone at what could be the most “happy-kinda-sad” point in my life.  (I’m still struggling if I should make a post about this feeling…)


Having lasted this long on my first job begs the question:  “How did it happen?”  Trite as it may sound, it really is all about loving what I do and not feeling having to “work” or drag myself to work.  Though I have to say nothing has really been easy.  But a lot of things have been worth all the time, energy, and attention.


When  God wakes me up tomorrow, I shall feel thankful for my life, no matter how simple it is.  It is not ultra-comfortable.  It’s just right.  I shall feel thankful for this job, no matter how tough and backbreaking it gets sometimes.  I shall really be thankful for having managers who have allowed me to pursue my passions – even and especially those outside my being an engineer.  I shall thank God for 13 years of triumphs and failures, of happiness and sadness, of mistakes and lessons learned…


Of saying hello and then saying goodbye.


Even when, after all this time, I’m still not good at goodbyes.



5 responses

12 05 2009

i did not know your 1st day at intel was may13. it is the feast day of our lady of fatima. must be why you’ve lasted this long at your job…it is a blessed day!


13 05 2009
eyes only

aba, 13 years na si bossing…going to 30 ba? 🙂

libre naman dyan! 🙂


13 05 2009

wow, 13 years. i know how you feel about loving what you do but having to say goodbye. a friend once told me sometimes we’re like plants that have grown tall enough to reach the ceiling of a greenhouse, and must then be transferred “outside” where we can really grow and stretch to explore our full potential. scary, i know, but i guess it’s a necessary part of life.

hugs to you my friend! ako naman celebrating 34 years the day after. how cool is that?!


13 05 2009

Congrats! and I salute you for lasting that long and still having the same burning passion to your work (parang laging RCG, yeah no kiss-ass!).
We should celebrate sometime! See you around!


15 05 2009
v(*-*)v Lei

naks! 13years! congrats!

… no goodbyes;)


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