Surprising finds at Rustan’s!

15 05 2009
Rustans Finds - Giglio Provolone Cheese

Surprising find #1! - GIGLIO PROVOLONE cheese

I KNOW this will not be surprising finds for others.  But they are to me!


I finally found provolone cheese…” formed part of my super excited text message to Superman the moment the sales associate at Le Gourmet at Rustan’s Makati offered to me their thin disc of provolone cheese, which she lovingly nestled on the palms of her two hands.  It felt almost like a sacred offering to me.  And I guess rightfully so!  I mean, I hadn’t been living under a rock but for the life of me, all my efforts to look for provolone cheese here in the country…  had been an exercise in futility!  I’ve been to delis in Makati and Alabang – nothing!


But last Monday night proved to be serendipitous (Note:  Batman – that’s one of your fave words!  Hahaha!).  After negotiating the pedestrian lane from Glorietta 4 to Rustan’s, I turned the corner, found myself outside looking in to the coffee shop below, and saw a middle-aged American guy instructing someone at the coffee shop deli counter how huge a wedge would be sliced from a wheel of brie cheese.


And then it occurred to me!  “How come I’ve been coming here often and never noticed the deli counter in the coffee shop!”  So I went straight ahead to the counter, was greeted warmly by one of the personnel, and was presented with GIGLIO provolone cheese – the first time I’ve ever gotten a positive response to asking for it!


I chose a 200+-gram disc that sold for about 280 pesos.  Kind of affordable for high quality cheese!  I happen to have loved provolone.  And at one point, it was the only cheese I’d have in my mushroom and cheese omelet – for a year-and-a-half’s worth of breakfast!  On my Philly cheesesteak, that’s the only cheese I would have too!

Rustans Finds - De Cecco Spaghettini

Surprising find #2! - De Cecco Spaghettini

Still in the Rustan’s supermarket area, I made another discovery.  A very very very late discovery.  I was just supposed to pick up a pack of San Remo Angel Hair pasta when out of nowhere I saw the familiar blue-and-yellow pack of De Cecco pasta, “Spaghettini” to be exact.  This brand, for me, is actually one of the best dried pasta ever.


I’ve been searching for this for so long too!  I’ve even come to the point of asking the staff at Italianni’s at the Greenbelt 2 restaurant strip if they would sell me some.  I didn’t even know if they actually use the brand.  They just happened to have some packs on display at what I would call as cupboard shelf tops near the ceiling.


So having made this other serendipitous discovery, I had to throw in a couple of packs to my basket.

Rustans Finds - Pomodoro

The product of my two surprising finds! YUMMY!

And with these two “discoveries,” I just had to make myself the simplest of pasta dishes, using only what you see in the picture – one (just one!) plump roma tomato, fresh basil leaves, and De Cecco spaghettini – together with lots of fresh garlic, exactly seven dashes of cayenne pepper, extra virgin olive oil (seven swirls’ worth around the pan) and freshly grated Giglio provolone cheese instead of the traditional parmesan!