I am so proud of Drei

18 05 2009

Estudyante nko uli 🙂” (I’m a student again :))… so declared this text message that came in to my Globe Handyphone at 3:53:17 PM, yesterday, Saturday, the 16th of May.

Even if I wouldn’t know who the sender was (like with earlier generation cellphones like the Nokia I use for my SMART line), this was a message that could only come from one person. I’ve actually been waiting for the day that he’d confirm this. And I am just so happy for – and so damn proud of – one of my best friends, Drei.

Drei, who I first met as a Design Engineer in our company’s Design Center here in the Philippines, just got accepted to the MBA PROGRAM at the College of Business Administration at – wherelse but – the University of the Philippines.

Andrei MBA - Recommendation 00 

And though I’m such a proud Mapuan, I still maintain that the country’s foremost educational institution is UP. Just recently, it ranked highest among the three Philippine universities that made it to the top 200 listing all over Asia. And some of my “bestest” friends are fierce Fighting Maroons!

I’m so happy that Drei got accepted after what seems to me as a rigorous screening and examination process. He actually began toying with this idea – wanting to take further, higher education – when he found himself at a crossroads in his life about a year ago. He was at the brink of changing careers. And while that hadn’t really panned out then, he surprised me one day with news that he had started inquiring about UP’s MBA Program. As his friend, I pledged my full support – even demanding that I write him a personal recommendation (which I did!). From the first time he told me about his plan, I knew he’d make it! I didn’t get even the faintest feeling of doubt for my friend who already has a masters in electrical engineering neatly tucked under his belt! (See, I’m so proud of him!).

Andrei MBA - Recommendation 02

Yup, I filled out Drei's form using my long handwriting...


It was really a rigorous process. And it demanded a lot of his time – I should know because our “catching up” dinners became really far between! Hahaha!!! But seriously now, I really, sincerely congratulate him for achieving this. I can’t say it enough – I am so proud of Drei!

And as he said in subsequent text messages, he almost aced his accounting exam, committing only two mistakes. I joked that from now on, he could handle my finances. To which he snapped back, “Hahaha! Ang ipapayo k naman syo, cge lng! :)” (Hahaha! My advice would bejust go ahead!)

I can’t wait for our next dinner plans. There are just so many stories to tell.

Again, I am so proud of him!