Keeping up with facebook

22 05 2009

Facebook Screenshot 00 

THINGS HAVE a way of coming back and biting you in the a**.  (Can I really say that three-letter word here?)

When I got up the nerve to brandish here my list of 25 things about me – that I called “eNTeNG’s 25” – I went to great lengths in saying that I was doing it here because… (drumrolls please – a bold declaration up ahead)…  I just couldn’t keep up with facebook!  I guess it was there that people first got “poked” or “tagged” to accomplish this list.

A good month-and-a-half later, here I am, and with my right hand proudly raised, and with my head nodding to my virtual audience, as I pan across from left to right with eye contact firmly established, I declare – I’m hooked on Facebook!


And it all started just a couple of days back when I got sick and had to stay home.  It’s been eons since I last logged in on my Facebook account.  I was definitely surprised to see a lot of activity on my contacts’ “walls” but since nothing really “involved” me, I almost instantaneously hit the “Logout” button.  It was then that I noticed the numerical indicator – a “1” – that was right beside the button that said “Inbox.”

Oh, I’ve got mail!” I said to myself.  I clicked on the Inbox and it was then that my fascination with Facebook began.  Responding to the mail – and surprisingly getting a real-time response back – showed me just how much Facebook could keep me in touch with people in my life.  REALLY keep me in touch.  And in the case of the sender of the lone unread mail in my inbox, establish more meaningful friendships with people than when we were still sharing the same country code.

Though well within the comfort of my room, I felt just how much technology could make me go beyond the confines of four imposing walls and really touch base with people I care about – no matter where they could be on the face of this planet.

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Through Facebook, I didn’t feel alone savoring my steaming hot “sinigang na bangus” (milkfish in steaming hot sour broth with fresh vegetables) as the torrential rains ravaged the outdoors (climate change sucks!).  As I devoured my dinner, I learned that one good friend – way down under in Adelaide – just cooked her own “sinigang na hipon” (shrimps in steaming hot sour broth with fresh vegetables).  Posting about it, she earned raved comments from people who praised her cooking prowess and those who wanted to partake of the very Filipino dish.  Yet another friend, quite coincidentally, quipped that he just had the exact same dinner as mine – and went further by relishing the thought of how much the fish belly fat made him so happy!

Somewhere on my wall, another one of my best friends first ranted that she was “hungry!”  And then much later on proudly declared that she just had chili crabs and didn’t get any allergies at all!  Quite obviously, her dinner choice could only mean that she is right now, in the Garden City, where yet another one of my “bestest” friends is.  Through wall-to-wall comments, I couldn’t help but smile when these two important “girl friends” of mine decided to meet up and hang out.  And knowing these two, meeting up could only mean great dinner, animated conversation, and lots of retail therapy. How I wish I could find myself in the middle of their shop-‘til-you-drop adventures and good-humored people-bashing.  Hahaha!

Before I knew it, I had been online – “facebooking” – for about six hours!  Very much just like right now.  I found someone with whom I could share my thoughts about the two-hour Season 5 finale episode of the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy. And in the same person discovered a “geek” who also watches Chuck, 24 and The Big Bang Theory, as well as a wide range of movie and book genre.

And there’s this one person whose work in Korea can’t help but fascinate me to no end.  Through his comments, I realized how boring my office existence could be sometimes (Hahaha!).  But more importantly, he made me chalk up the Gulf of Mexico, the Santos Basin in Brazil, and Africa as dream destinations.  Not to mention that he just promised to send me songs I love! You know who you are – Harry Stamper or A.J. Frost!

I’m loving Facebook.  With it, as the Kara DioGuardi-co-written American Idol Season 8 coronation song says, “there are no boundaries.”  It helps keeps communication lines open.  It allows people to share sides of their personalities and lives that you wouldn’t see from 9 to 5.  It can make a better friend out of you.  It can make a more caring person of you. And with a comment like “…is disappointed – FALSE ALARM!”… Facebook can stop you dead on your tracks.  Hahaha!!!

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