From someone left behind

25 05 2009

MY TRUSTY online dictionary defines it to be “sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned.”  It actually offers three senses for the word.  But this one, I think, comes closest to how I really feel.  Though the words “forsaken” and “abandoned” are somewhat strong.

After over three decades of existence, I thought I’ve seen and felt everything there is to see and feel.  And it is while relishing this thought that I realized I couldn’t be any more wrong – I couldn’t have spoken or claimed something so soon.

Because right now, I’m going through this “sadness resulting from being left behind.”

In life, one will experience a loneliness that nobody else can fathom; a loneliness that only the presence of someone can fill.

This is my own belief.  And this is how I feel.  That is why while “move on” and “move forward” may mean the same thing metaphorically, I’d rather take a conscious effort to “move forward” from this.  Or else, I will get stuck.

Yes, I will move forward. But I WILL NEVER FORGET – the people, the good times, the way they made me feel.



One response

26 05 2009
v(*-*)v Lei

owww. no goodbyes my friend! 😉 Gbu!


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