Turning out the lights

28 05 2009

HOW I wish it were as simple – as easy – as flickering a switch.  Yes, how I wish that causing something to stop operating were really as simple as disengaging a switch.  But the painful reality is that you cannot just say “turn out the lights” and expect it to be over with one rapid action.

This one has been a slow and steady one.  And as with any major changes – in life or “in the ways things are” – you do your best to “buy more time.”  I guess I have been doing just that for the past couple of months.  But now that it’s only a day away, you will realize that it is all too real.  And it is soon to come to pass.

For a couple of days now, I’ve kept my “sad” status on my facebook account.  I even mustered up enough courage to finally add “bitter” to it yesterday.  One well-meaning friend asked why the “bitter”ness.  I guess (I know) that a part of me still resents the “decision.”  I’ve been quietly indignant about it – what can someone like me do? – but as I have said, if these people directly affected by it had found acceptance, so should I.

Maybe there is a point to this (to borrow Mel’s words).  My only problem is that… I’ve yet to see it completely.  I’m keeping an open mind.

I’m quite thankful of all the things I was able to be part of and work on these past couple of months for this group. I’m not really “chummy chummy” with all 54 of them.  But I have found in some of them the kind of friends that I will want to keep.  Thank God that in this day and age, there is really such a thing as being able to keep in touch.

So let me just say a big thank you to some of them.  Sometimes, meeting people is enough to feel thanks.  And from this group I’ve come to know quite a number of people – then and now – who I personally and professionally look up to.  I really hope that they will soon get their fresh starts!  All the best!

Domeng, Agnes, Mel, Jen, Rey, Bong, Orly, Lence, Jet, Melvin, Toinette, Ems, Kate, Lendie, Floyd, Vernon, Marman, Jon, Arnel, Joren, Mark, Ber, Michelle, Grace, Janwyn, Ryan, Jaber, Ronnie, Kenneth, Richard, Jeff, Eric, Erick, Anthony, Felix, Mark Anthony, and Ronoel… and the list goes on…

A shoutout to those who have come and gone before – Cecille, Erwin, James, NevO, Rod, Rafela, Marie, Ging, Carmie, and Drei.

CDC Lights Out - Table Setting 00

Elegant table setting at the CDC Lights Out Party, 30th April 2009.



Putting together a storyline for the CDC video...



It was a date - 30th April 2009!




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