A menu in my head

1 06 2009

FANCY BECOMING a chef someday?” I’d often asked myself.

And if the results of the “Which side of your brain is dominant?” quiz on facebook that I took is to be trusted, I’m given to sudden bursts of daydreaming.  Like this one right now.

And the one thing about being a chef that I really love is not really having my “own” place (thinking about the start-up capital hemorrhages my brain!).  It’s not even gaining critical acclaim and commercial success (but they’d be nice to have eventually!).

What I really love about being a chef (someday!) is being able to create my own menu!  There’s nothing like having my brainchild – a product more of creativity and inspiration than sheer genius – gain tangible reality.  So while “tangible reality” still has “no relation to reality” given my current state, let me just bask in the temporal intense pleasure a fleeting glance at the (partial) menu in my head gives.


“(Name)’s Realm

A selection from sets of starters, main courses and desserts fit for the health-conscious and fitness buff who watches his calories but knows when to indulge.  He is someone who works hard and knows when to play just as hard.


Cooked Until Just Set – choose from a selection of all-eggwhite omelets cooked using only the best 100% pure canola oil… all the flavor and none of the unwanted cholesterol.  Go “White & Fluffy” with coarsely chopped vidalia onions and peeled-then-seeded fresh roma tomatoes sauteed first in 100% pure canola oil.  Or, make it “Fluffy Fleshy Fungi” with sliced fresh wild mushrooms and freshly grated cheese.  Choose from a wide selection of only the best Tuscan Fields® white, swiss brown, or baby portabello mushrooms; and Coon™ “light & tasty” 25% reduced fat Australian cheddar cheese, Coon™ “tasty” Colby cheese, or Giglio® Italian provolone cheese.

Menu - Omelet 00

Choice of white or swiss brown button mushrooms

Menu - Omelet 01

Coon™ Light & Tasty Shredded Natural Australian Cheddar Cheese

Menu - Omelet 04

GIGLIO® Provolone Cheese

Menu - Omelet 02

Sauteing the sliced fresh button mushrooms!

Menu - Omelet 03

The finished omelet – oozing with melted cheese, and crusted with (also!) melted shredded cheese!

Green With Health(y) – choose from a selection of salads made with only the freshest mesclun greens, picked, triple-washed with mineral water, packed, shipped and used on the same day.  These greens are the best of young salad leaves grown – conventional or hydroponic – in the cool climate of Tagaytay City.  Pick through “Surf & Herbs,” a salad of arugula and delicate mixed lettuce greens, topped with pan-grilled black tiger prawns, in a choice of either pineapple-basil or oriental vinaigrette.  What about “Surfin’ Strawberry Fields Forever” – a salad of arugula and torn hydroponic hearts of Romaine letuce, topped with pan-grilled black tiger prawns or pan-seared scallops, drizzled with a pure, light, all-natural strawberry vinaigrette?  Feel freedom like no other as you swap the recommended dressings with your own preference – be it classic honey mustard, caesar, or italian.

Menu - Salad 00

Delicate mixed greens in a pineapple-basil vinaigrette. See the lollo rosa burst with purplish color!


Menu - Salad 02

See the crisp hydroponic hearts of romaine lettuce on the left!


Menu - Salad 04

Just well-chilled greens and fresh dressing... perfect!

Know what?  I think that if I won’t make it as a chef soon enough, I’d probably settle to writing menus for those who are.  Hahaha!

– To be continued –