2 06 2009

[No, this is not a post about me summoning one-third of Gerard Butler’s army of CGI-enhanced abs of steel.]


I JUST realized that with “And with Royce’ I said farewell,” I marked my 100th post on my blog – this blog!  And I’m doing it just as I had crossed the six-month mark. Since I don’t have any “relationship” to speak of (hahaha!), I might as well “celebrate” this milestone.  Besides, this is coming on the heels of “Grey’s Anatomy’s” 100th episode (as aired on free TV here in the Philippines).  How apropos.

I can’t help but smile – or is it laugh?! – whenever I’d go back to my “About this blog…” post and see what little faith I had in myself.  Hahaha!  To my readers – to my public (who I can still count with the fingers on my two hands) – thank you very much!