All the small things

3 06 2009
Small Things - Earphones 00

My "new" favorite earphones... and I almost bought the thousand-peso ones I saw at the mall the other day!

I’M NOT the kind who gets impressed with people who have “all the moves.” Or with those who give thoughtless – “however expensive – gifts.

I don’t think most of the people I know believe just how simple my desires are.  One of them, who I guess knows me very well, helped summarize me thru the “gift card” he attached to his adidas royal blue pullover than I had been lusting after for quite some time.  He finally gave it to me on my birthday in 2006.  The accompanying card said,

Cancer: Geez… it might be hard to find something that they don’t already have stashed away in their “bodega” or buried under the papers on their kitchen table.  BUT ANYTHING OLD IS A DEFINITE. They’ll adore you forever… or at least until the next time they feel neglected.  These sweeties like edible gifts, too… homemade bread or cookies are perfect.

Small Things - Notes 01 Cancer

The note that said it all... this actually came from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (if my memory serves me right).

So it was just so fitting that when some of my friends left last week, they gave me hand-me-downs – or stuff they themselves made – that I really appreciate.  Some that I got were a 4.7GB DVD-R’s worth of music, a marble paper weight that has nice messages on the front and the back, a Mona Lisa refrigerator magnet, and a pair of earphones (only from the neatest, cleanest, most personally hygienic person I know – you know who you are)!

The DVD-R of “VARIOUS MP3” was such a PLEASANT surprise.  The giver actually hinted that he’d make me a copy of part of his music collection.  But I didn’t take him up on his offer, especially since it was just casually mentioned during our usual talks (of late).  Until he left the DVD-R on my desk on the eve of his last day in the office.  The disc contains over 32 albums’ worth of music!  And it has songs that I have been looking for for the longest time – music from Switchfoot (“Only Hope”), Three Doors Down (“Kryptonite”), and Duncan Sheik (“Wishful Thinking”) to name a few!  The disc is now actually on heavy rotation in my player.

What one of the songs says is playing incessantly in my head, “Know it sounds funny but I just can’t stand the pain / Girl, I’m leaving you tomorrow…

Small Things - Various MP3 00

Stuff from friends that are just so priceless!