Where in the world?

6 06 2009
StatCounter Visitor Map 00

StatCounter.com's recent visitor map for my blog. Doesn't knowing where your readers are... awesome?

TWO HITS.  That’s the number of daily hits that I was expecting to get on this blog from when I first put it up.  That’s one each for Friendship and Partner, the two people who had been egging me on to blog.  At first, I didn’t want to yield.  But then again, I realized that I had been shoving my stories and whatnot down their throats almost daily through the clutter I add in their inboxes.  So I thought I could finally claim my space in the blogosphere.  At least here, they will have the option to click or not to click.

After making my first post, I said to myself, “Two hits per day would make me happy. Three would make me ecstatic!”

And thanks to StatCounter, I’m officially now way ecstatic!

StatCounter Visitor Map 01

This image of the visitor map shows Asia.

You see, as I had shamelessly brandished on my recent facebook shoutout, I’ve just chalked up 10,076 unique visitors on my blog.  I was ecstatic to know that I’ve got readers here at home (28.93% of my total recent visitors).  But I was kinda surprised to know that that was just second to the 40.50% that came from the United States – from both coasts.  Third was Singapore at 8.26%, where Friendship and Partner are currently based.  There is one almost-regular visitor from Australia – could it be Summit?

I’m posting here the visitor maps, and the top ten country listing.  I really got a kick out of this!

I’m lining up a number of posts – about food, of course! – but I just have to break the routine for these stats.

StatCounter Visitor Map 02 Country

This is just the top ten. I really got a kick knowing about the other countries from where I've gotten visitors!