Sweet ending from Bag O’ Beans

8 06 2009

WITH A steaming hot cup of “Mocha Manic” coffee in hand, I’m delighting now in what I’ve recently discovered as what could be the “best ensaymada”… ever!  Loosely translated, “ensaymada” is brioche, smothered with buttercream (just butter and sugar) and sprinkled generously with grated cheese.

With this ensaymada and hot coffee, all the worries and stress of this day just seem to fade away.  Coming from my last meeting – a successful presentation to our Site Managing Director! – I found the ensaymada on my desk.  Just the sight of its perfectly brown brioche bread, the glistening buttercream, and the ribbons of what could only be top notch light cheddar cheese has actually washed away all my cares.

This ensaymada comes from Bag O’ Beans, all the way from Tagaytay City.  It’s a most pleasant surprise from one officemate who realized just how much I loved the first bite of it, when she offered me some a few weeks back.

The best thing about Bag O’ Beans’ ensaymada is the high milk content of the brioche that actually lends richness and tenderness to the crumb.  The shade of brown that shows just how well done the bread was baked belies the delicate and smooth texture the bread actually has.

For such a busy day, no such thing could be as sweet an ending as this.

Bag O' Beans Ensaymada 01

My sweet ending - Bag O' Beans Ensaymada


Bag O' Beans Ensaymada 02

You can't help but love all that cheese!




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