Cooking for someone redux

11 06 2009

WHOEVER FIRST said that actions speak louder than words probably saw someone cooking for someone.  I first harped about that – cooking for someonehere, right around February.  And thinking about it again, got me – whatelse?! – thinking.   Yes, the pun is intended.


DSC01070 Pondering

Yes, that's me pondering "cooking for someone"...


Seriously, I began pondering about this topic again after I got reminded by some close friends yesterday about their request for me to be their “guest chef” on one of their weekly dinner get-togethers.  I sheepishly managed an equivocal smile.  But in a split-second followed it up with, “I’ll let you know.”  And I tell you, that’s the nth time that they have heard that from me.  And friends being friends, they managed to flash me back their own sheepish equivocal smile.

So while I have yet to commit to resolve my obvious commitment issues (what’s with me and all the pun?!), I ponder this topic – cooking for someone – yet again.

Judging from the many comments my original post generated, I guess that people find something a bit romantic about someone cooking for someone else.  To put it another way, when someone cooks a “great” or “thoughtful” meal for someone, they couldn’t help but melt (because I will!).  People do have a soft spot for someone who can whip up a storm in the kitchen, moreso for someone who will find – or make! – the time to cook for them.

I didn’t want to cross the fine line then, but I think there’s no escaping now (again, judging from the comments) that cooking for someone can be one of the most romantic, most personal things you can do.

I read (or heard?) somewhere that this gesture necessitates letting one’s guard down – melting all of one’s defenses – and showing that thought, time, and care are going into the creation of something special.

No wonder, that’s one of a host of reasons why cooking for someone could be such a big deal.  You’re showing that you (may) like someone.  That plain.  That simple.  That scary to think about.  That difficult to admit.

Now, I need to go back and deal with my invitation to be a “guest chef.” Hahaha!




5 responses

11 06 2009

totoo nga na romantic ang cooking for someone. di ba yan ang tema ng “kim sam soon”, “jewel in the palace” at “only you?”


11 06 2009

Cooking for someone is a labor of love indeed. But more than the act itself, the intent of sharing so much of yourself with someone else is more rewarding. Because it shows you’re eager to get into a more personal and intimate level.

Still waiting for your resounding “yes”, a priviledge we’d be truly grateful for. Hopefully, it comes sometime soon. 🙂


13 06 2009

On our third date, my then-suitor surprised me with a beautiful table setting at his flat. Obviously it took him a lot of effort to whip it up because the china didn’t match, the table cloth was freshly-pressed, and the chairs were sourced from different areas of his abode. On the menu that night was chicken cacciatore on a bed of pasta, a fresh green salad, and some fine apple cider (he couldn’t drink so much because he was driving). For dessert, he surprised me with my absolute favorite thing: fresh strawberries with sweetened cream on the side. All this he put together that day, which included buying a brand new turbo broiler in which to roast the chicken before finishing it off with the sauce.


So what’s a girl to do? Well, I married him three years later.


14 06 2009

new shoes???


15 06 2009

Data a.k.a. Summit! I love the (rhetorical) question you posed, “So what’s a girl to do?”…

And seriously, I know you did the right thing.

As for me, I want to cook for someone. Hahaha!


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