Breaking the fast

15 06 2009

WITH ALL the limitations that the office cafeteria presents, I still enjoy my breakfasts on the five work days of the week.  In these instances, it’s so true that it’s the “company” (read: the state of being with someone) that does count.  These past couple of years, I’ve been sharing the breakfast table with Spider-man.  When Batman was still here in the office, I’d have him over as well.  Actually, I would wait for these two.  I’d rather wait than settle for other lesser mortals.  Okay, that’s too harsh (Hahaha!).  I do enjoy the company of some other people.  Hehehe.  Seriously, I’ve met quite a number of people who I’d love to break bread with – but the opportunity just never presented itself.  That, or I was turned down outright.  Hahaha!

We have limited time for breakfast, especially since office starts at 7:00 AM where I work.  So I cherish the few minutes at the start of each day to “break the fast,” so to speak.  You see, breakfast literally was taken from those words because this meal you take in the morning – usually more than eight hours from dinner time – allows you to break that “fasting.”  And there’s nothing like nourishing the body while nourishing the soul as well, as you swap stories with people who matter.  Over breakfast, I’ve laughed my heart out; I’ve sought advice; I’ve even cried.  So breakfast can really be eventful.

I have very simple breakfast needs.  A lot of times, coffee means breakfast to me already.  But when I get lucky, I’d love to have really good garlic fried rice in the morning, with fish or some meat, and lots of sliced fresh tomatoes.

But whenever I stay in a hotel, I take advantage of the spread that they’d offer on their buffet menu.  I was going through my CD-Rs and whatnot over the long weekend and rediscovered this album of one of my trips.  I saw there pictures of the breakfast I had every single day I was there (at the hotel).  I realized that my choices were pretty repetitive but I do know I loved every single day!  And those were breakfasts that put a spring to my step and allowed me to face all the many people I had to meet with – and really disagree with on some decisions that had to be made.

These memorable breakfasts that I’m sharing with you were at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Shanghai, China.  You shall see from the pictures that my staples for each breakfast were lots of oven-roasted tomatoes, a ragout of wild mushrooms, grapefruit juice, and coffee (of course!).  I traveled alone this one time.  So the food – from morning till night – was what kept me company.  I didn’t feel like lost in translation at all.

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 Breakfast


Day 2 Breakfast

Day 2 Breakfast


Day 3 Breakfast

Day 3 Breakfast




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19 06 2009



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