Little sweet indulgence that brings a Superhero to mind

15 06 2009
BIZU souvenirs_06

Bizu Patisserie Macaron De Paris - from their official website at

LAST NIGHT’S episode of “Secrets of the Masters” featured a master pastry chef – Chef Yusuf Yaran of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel (I surmise from the plugging of “Circles” and “Red”).   If my memory serves me right, I think he used to be with another hotel. I did take a mental note to pay that hotel a visit just so I could get a bite of these little, delicately pastel-colored sweet confections – thousands of which he makes daily!

Actually, that has just been a thought I’ve been fancying.  Because I’ve never been deprived of these “little indulgences,” as Bizu Patisserie calls them.  And that’s exactly where I’ve been getting my regular fix from.  It all started with one pretty Christmas present from Friendship.  I think it was their canister of 14 of these that she gave me… and got me started into an addiction that from time to time, needs to be satiated.

Bizu’s website perfectly describes these sweet delights that go by such a lofty name as “Macaron de Paris.”  I assume that it is steeped in tradition, being touted as a very popular pastry in many patisseries in France.  “These round pastel-colored pastries are sinfully sweet with crushed almonds and luxurious creme ganache flavors that burst in the mouth.  The texture is quite unique – as each macaron has a light thin crust that gives way to a soft and chewy cookie that is also light and airy.”

Now my mouth is surely watering.

There was a point in the recent past when I would almost always drop by Bizu Patisserie at their Alabang Town Center Branch to get – whatelse?! – canisters and boxes of these luscious macarons de paris.

Eventually, it has become a favorite of Superman’s too.  He particularly likes pistachio, coffee, and caramel.

I have to go back to Bizu!  It has been one of my own favorites, finding it’s rightful spot in my “eNTeNG’s 25.”

eNTeNG's 25 Bizu

From my "eNTeNG's 25" post!




One response

15 06 2009

I’ve tasted a few here in SG including the ones Canele had to offer, but I would have to say Bizu’s is better. The flavors are different though. They have chestnut, green tea, violet , orange ‘something’ flavors here which I don’t think Bizu offers. But the coffee variety and most of the other flavors are better at Bizu!


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