Chillin’ with chocolate and the rain

19 06 2009

BEAR WITH me while I forge ahead with my many many trips down memory lane (imagine me cringing at having to use that term!).  There are just some things that I’ve been missing lately.  And still, there are more “other” things that have been confined in my mind.  Sometimes I wonder if my head will just explode to get me out of my misery – fast.

One thing I’ve been missing terribly has been my Monday nights in the Makati area.  For sure, the very gracious, very warm and comfortably attentive staff of Cupcakes By Sonja in Serendra, Royce’ in Greenbelt 5, Krispy Kreme in Glorietta 4; the produce guys and gals in Rustan’s and SM; and the attendants at the deli section of Le Gourmet may have been wondering where the hell in the world I am.  Hahaha!  Pardon my sudden bursts of feeling important and – this is a stretch – unforgettable.  Hahaha!

But seriously, I’m in such an emotional rut so deep I couldn’t see myself escaping to see the sunshine anytime soon.  I’ve been missing… a lot of things and a few people who really matter.  And the only consolation I have is the fact that my memory gap hasn’t caught on just yet.  Hahaha!  I do relish all the memories.  It is true that at certain points in one’s life, the things left to hold on to are just the memories.  And I give myself a pat on the back for building and making memories with people I really care about.  But for the person that I am, the photographs and the memories can only do so much.  Nothing will come close to taking the place of seeing things right in front of you; and of hearing someone’s voice.  But then again, the sad flipside to that was the one time when I had never really realized just how very far away I was from my dream than when I was standing right next to it.

The last time I was in the Makati area – just a few weeks back – I sort of made my own “stations” of the “whatever” as I dropped by each gastronomic place that has come to mean something to me.  It was cathartic – not to mention expensive.  Hahaha!  I bought stuff like there was no tomorrow.  And I finished each one off with a good understanding that they meant more than just food.  They reminded me of people.  Of places.  Of the good times.  Of conversations that articulated emotions from both the farthest ends of the human spectrum – the highest of joys and the most hurtful of sorrows.  And now, sadly, they also do remind me what being a pudgy eNTeNG means.  Hahaha!

With a large Krispy Kreme Chocolate Chocolate Chiller in my right hand, and bags of doughnuts and Royce’ chocolates on the other, I stepped out of Greenbelt 5 and faced a starless sky, allowing the drizzle to kiss my face.  Yes, global warming and climate change do suck big time.  But that night, I was thankful for the light rain.  It may have messed up and washed away the “extreme style” reworkable putty that had kept my “Prada model” bangs in place.  But it did a great job to even out the tracks of tears that have been running down my face for nights.

Krispy Kreme - Chocolate Chocolate Chiller 00

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Chocolate Chiller!


Krispy Kreme - Canvas Tote 00

Krispy Kreme canvas tote




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19 06 2009

Awww… this is sooo heart-felt entry!

Hey, incase you still wanna hang out and chill out or just wana visit your favorite cupcake house or maybe to satisfy your gastronomic cravings… im just 15 mins away from Serendra, lemme know… I can be a good company as well!
Cheer up!

Listen to this (watch it too!):


21 06 2009

aaaaagghhhhh! I can picture you going crazy in Central Market, snatching all the freshest ingredients, and enjoying all the great restos, cafes and pubs here. They say the ratio of restaurants to people in Adelaide is 1:30. That’s how much they love eating out. Who can blame them really, when flavors from every cuisine and culture is right there at your doorstep?


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