The postwoman rang twice

19 06 2009

IT’S FINALLY here!  The invitation to my friend Marie’s wedding in August, that is.  Thanks to the kindness of a network of friends – from Marie herself, to Agnes, to “postwoman” Ems (she did “ring” me twice!) – this very lovely chocolate-brown-and-some-shade-of-blue invitation finally found its way to my hands.  If you sense that my excitement is quite palpable, it is simply because this is one of the very few event invitations that have managed to excite me so far.

Invitation - Subido-Aguilar 01

Hues of chocolate brown and blue - the elegant invitation to the Subido-Aguilar nuptials!

 With all due respect to all the people who have given me the time of day – not to mention precious thoughts – through inviting me to their life’s milestones, I have to say that I’m going to do my best to make it to Marie and Ian’s wedding.  I’ve missed quite a number already, and I have to say that I remain to be very sad over them.

The last wedding I was in was my good friends Bom & Rizzie’s.  They afforded me the pleasure and honor to emcee their wedding reception and to date, it has remained to be one of the more memorable weddings I’ve been to.  There was also this one wedding reception at the Diamond Hotel Manila that Partner and I co-emceed to rousing appreciation by the couple (Partner’s friends) and the guests that included Senator Edgardo Angara, and then Solicitor General, now Secretary of Justice, Agnes Devanadera.  She liked me a lot that we had our picture taken. Hahaha! (The sherpa keeps on climbing that mountain!)

Marie also asked me to co-emcee their wedding.  I really thought she was just kidding at first.  But through a network of friends – yet again! – I eventually realized that she was serious to give me the job.

And as I had told her when I accepted, I’d do it in a heartbeat, WITHOUT any form of talent fee involved.  I don’t have serious talent anyways.  And I’d be glad to do things for people I really consider my friends.


A quick note on the invitation – It is really lovely!  And very stylishly so.  The fonts they used are very understatedly elegant and easy on the eyes.  Having their (Ian’s & Marie’s) names emblazoned in gold just seemed very auspicious to me.  Friendship was quick to point out that the invitation shares the same colors as Cupcakes by Sonja’s logo and sticker.  I didn’t figure that out at first! It just made it (the invitation) all the lovelier.

Invitation - Subido-Aguilar 03

The body of a most lovely invitation


Invitation - Subido-Aguilar 00

Subido-Aguilar Nuptials, 15 August 2009




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