Chicken fajitas wrapped in thoughtfulness

26 06 2009

A SUPERHERO once told me that sometimes, we need to focus on the constant love of family and friends.  And just when I least expect it, I get reminded of this constant love.  Today – at lunchtime – it came by way of a note posted on my laptop station.

Note 002

Portent of a yummy lunch to come


I’ve been missing out on the Tuesday night dinners hosted by the lovely people from our Finance group here in the office.  Hazel Marie has been patiently adding me on the weekly invitation list.  And she has been more patient in reminding me in person.  Quite unfortunately, I’ve been – as I had said – missing out.  Too bad since this latest one sounded really tempting from the teaser alone – ¿qué hay de cena?

But since the featured chef last night was the Brenda Aragon-Gallo, I’m being blessed with leftovers – probably not even – brought to work especially for me!  Oh well, I don’t want to think of myself more loftily than I really am.  I guess I kinda hinted through text that I’d want to have a taste of Brenda’s featured recipe for the night.  Hahaha!!! (The no-show sherpa was shameless).  I was actually meaning to join them.  Unfortunately, I called in sick yesterday.

Once at the cafeteria, Brenda handed me a microwaveable tub of her chicken fajitas.  Sans the requisite warmed soft flour tortilla (wrap?) and grated cheese, I actually wondered if I should call it “fajita” or “fajitas.”  But with or without the “s,” one thing was for sure – Brenda’s Chicken Fajitas more than lived up to what we usually know as cooked meat and vegetables in choice spices, served with soft tortilla, sour cream, avocado, and grated cheese on the side.

After 45 seconds on high in the microwave, I removed the half-opened lid and instantly caught a whiff redolent of chili powder, paprika, and cumin – lots of smoky cumin!  I didn’t fret over the fact that there weren’t any soft tortilla – or baguette like the ones they had the night before – because there still was rice!  Brenda’s version of this beloved Mexican dish was chockful with the most succulent and tender fillets of chicken breast and / or thigh meat.  Spider-man, who shared lunch with me, was very astute in pointing out that the meat was oozing with its natural juices that had married perfectly with Brenda’s special concoction of spices and seasonings.  I loved loved loved the generous amount of julienned red and green bell peppers and sliced white onions.  They had remained crisp and bright colored (especially the peppers) with a resounding crunch to them.  And something has to be said about the onions – they were so sweet and reminded me of the “almost caramelized” onions that I would have with a Philly cheesesteak sandwich!

I thoroughly enjoyed this dish that I had to text message Brenda halfway through my lunch.  It was that good.  And as always, I asked for the recipe.  I now actually call her my Mexican cuisine queen.  Her Orange Roast Chicken and now her Chicken Fajitas rightfully earned for her that title.

Soon enough, I will share here recipes from Brenda’s kitchen.  You can recreate the dishes yourselves and fall in love (with the food, of course!).  I have to say too that her dishes are perfect for “cooking for someone”… those you serve them to will adore you.

But be careful who you cook for.  They just might not want to let go of you after.  Hahaha!

Note 001

Thanks, Brendz!... and Hazel too!