Went to bed with breakfast

29 06 2009

YOU’RE READING it right – I went to bed with breakfast.

Breakfast Dinner - Corned Beef

Filled up on this - Purefoods corned beef, garlic fried rice, and a sunny side up - before hitting the sack.

Inspired by this hole-in-the-wall all-day-breakfast-menu place that some friends brought me too, my brother and I whipped up “cornsilog” for ourselves – for dinner!  “Cornsilog” – that’s CORned beef, “SInangag” (garlic fried rice), and “itLOG” (egg, cooked usually sunny side up).

At home, when it comes to corned beef, it’s always a toss up between three choices.  It’s either Libby’s, Palm, or – drumrolls for Pinoy pride up aheadPurefoods!

I’m the only one at home who loves lots of chopped tomatoes in his corned beef.  So for this one, I had to blanch, peel, and seed about 5 plum tomatoes (a.k.a. roma tomatoes).  I cut each in half, then quarter each half.

I saute a little garlic, a lot of chopped onions, and lots of the chopped tomatoes.  Then I throw in the corned beef.  The one in the photo was my actual dinner.

Purefoods corned beef… best with rice!  Sarrrap!