Note from a goddess

1 07 2009

JULY HAPPENS to be my favorite month of the year.  So I think it is only apropos to get it started with the right tone.  Or should that be, “on” the right tone?

Friendster IMG_0215

The note from a goddess...

I’ve been waxing nostalgic lately.  And while going through archived files, I came across this note from one of the most important figures in Philippine broadcast journalism.

I couldn’t help but smile as I recalled that day when I sort of convinced – more like twisted the elbow ofSummit to have her get me this note.  I was actually just dreaming of an autograph, but surprise surprise, what I got was an actual note – short but sweet (and yes, generic).  I actually feared that insisting on an autograph would be imposing on the said personality as she clearly wasn’t expecting to be within an inch of the maddening crowd that day.  All she had in order for that day was a quiet, peaceful, very intimate dinner in the comforts of her home, with her godchild in marriage – and (erstwhile) protege – the “Summit”.

But much like getting confirmation from one of the hardest restaurant reservations to get on a weekend night (does Pasti’s in New York qualify?), I eventually got a text message from Summit heralding that the mission was accomplished.  For the first time, I felt what bouncing from cloud to cloud could probably feel, especially since this personality happens to be one in a “very short” shortlist of people who breathe life to what real “power and influence” mean to me.

Of materials things of which I have so few, this note from the Cheche Lazaro is something I shall always treasure and hold dear.  I won’t even go to great lengths in singing her praises.  Every Filipino knows who she is and what she has done to the landscape of not only Philippine broadcast journalism, but the country in general.

Thanks, Summit! Sending you lots of positive vibes!

In Heat

1 07 2009

CLIMATE CHANGE really sucks!  After the unforgiving, unrelenting, torrential rains, it’s the “heatwave” – unbearable as of the other night – that we need to come to terms with.

Coffee California Heath Frappe 01

Coffee California's California Heath Frappe

So how is a mere mortal like me trying to cope up?  I changed one thing about my eating habits – I stopped having steaming hot coffee and have since moved to it’s ice-blended kin.

My friends know that every single meal I have is washed down not by water – not even by that carbonated mineral water produced and bottled somewhere in Lombardo, Italy – but by coffee.  And I’m very easy when it comes to my coffee as Nescafé 3-in-1 (coffee, sugar, cream) has always done it for me.

That was until the cafeteria in the office has somehow subjected their coffee supply to their sporadic whims.  What’s a caffeine-dependent to do?  Turn to the next supplier of course.  It didn’t matter anymore that I would have to fork out at least fifty pesos every single time I’d need coffee.  I had to have the fix and I had to have it good.

And that’s when I came to know Coffee Califonia’s California Heath Frappe. It’s a velvety smooth ice-blended drink concocted with freshly brewed coffee, chocolate, fresh whole milk, and chocolate syrup, spiked with a splash of Torani liqueur – usually hazelnut.  The day they ran out of hazelnut, I asked that they use banana instead.

And with one sip, not only did it quench my thirst and moistened my parched lips, it sort of reminded me of my favorite Royce’ seasonal nama chocolate (banana).  Not bad for sixty five pesos!

Coffee California Heath Frappe 00

My friend Stave Michael took the photos, using his Nokia N73 camera phone with a Carl Zeiss lens.