Way up on the 88th

5 07 2009

MY SEARS Tower post got me all worked up to make this one about the other tower I’ve been to already – Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China.

86 Jin Mao Tower At Night

View from the base of the Jin Mao Tower at night. It has 88 floors and is at #88 Century Boulevard. How auspicious!

When I went there, it was still the tallest building in China.  And the fact that it also houses the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel, the highest hotel in the world in terms of distance from the ground, just added to its appeal to me.

Unlike my Sears Tower trip wherein I practically opened the place, my visit to Jin Mao Tower was very late into the night – right around 10:30 P.M. – as confirmed by the time stamps on my photographs.  The view from the observation deck on the 88th floor literally took my breath away.  As I write this, I can still vividly see the sweeping 360-degree view of the well-lit Shanghai night skyline buzzing like – literally – neon bulbs in my head.

Jin Mao Tower - Ticket Restaurants 00

My Jin Mao Tower observation deck ticket and cards from three of its many restaurants.


Jin Mao Tower - Ticket Restaurants 02

"On Fifty Six" - Four restaurants occupy Jin Mao Tower's 56th floor: The Grill, Cucina (Italian), Kobachi (Japanese), and Patio.

Before lounging on the comfotable sofas in The Piano Bar on the 53rd floor, I grabbed as many souvenirs as I could, to give away to friends here at home.  For myself, all I got was this really beautiful red silk string bracelet with a Chinese zodiac year animal charm.  I lost it when someone most likely mistakenly threw it out when I left it on the dining table as I made dinner at a friend’s house.  I’m just so sad that nobody – from my many friends who’ve come and gone to the place – could find this exact bracelet anymore.

Jin Mao Tower Bracelet 00

That's the Jin Mao Tower red silk string bracelet that I had lost. Nobody was able to find the exact same thing from the Tower's gift shop. Sad.

And by the way, however tempting it may appeal to you, never play with the Hyatt Hotel’s elevator service from the 53rd to the 87th floor.  I mean, don’t use your hotel key card – from some place else – to operate the card elevator’s reader.  My friend and I did so (we used his Shangri-La hotel key card) and we got stuck in-between floors and the elevator just wouldn’t budge.  To this day, that remains to be the longest, most frightful three minutes of my life!

Anyway, here are some photos I would like to share with you.

93 View From The Top - Jin Mao Atrium

View from the top, at the atrium. That's The Piano Bar you see at the center!


95 View From Below - The Patio

View from below. The Hyatt Hotel's annular corridors form this beautiful pattern and play wonderfully with the light sources.


91 Beautiful Shanghai Night Skyline

As seen from the 88th floor atrium, that's the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the other centerpiece of the beautiful Shanghai skyline!


92 Postcard Perfect

Postcard perfect! That's another view from the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower.