Hail to the master!

6 07 2009

SUPERMAN MUST be so happy right now.  That – and most likely – still sound asleep as he and millions of viewers around the world tuned in to the gruelling four-hour match between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick for the Wimbledon 2009 men’s singles championship.

Roger Federer 01

The Philippine Star (July 5, 2009) captures Roger Federer's winning "smashing" form against Germany's Tommy Haas.

As a matter of fact, the tennis non-fan that I am, the very moment I snapped out of catching zzz’s – right around 4:45 A.M. earlier today – I googled the results of the match and found a NY Times article heralding Roger’s triumph on “the most famous patch of grass” in tennis history.

I was so ecstatic that I had to text message the one person I know would definitely love to hear the news, despite the fact that I knew he already had learned about it, having watched the game himself.  But I still sent the text message just the same.  Superman happens to be the most intellectual kind of fan that I have ever met.  While he has sworn loyal support to Roger Federer for the longest time, he hasn’t been blind to acknowledging the merits of the Swiss’s greatest nemesis – the Spaniard Rafael Nadal.  Unlike many “fanatics”, he did lick his wounds when Roger sustained one loss after another against Rafa.  But at the same time has remained steadfast in the hope that Roger, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, will soon come back to regain his glory and rightful place in history.

I’m starting to make Roger sound like the protagonist in some hit action movie.  But he did come back in top form and as of about eight hours ago, must have been catapulted back to the top of the world tennis ranking.  No wonder that best friend Superman has been a fan of his all this time.  He has stuck it out with his idol, not seeing the need to even join in on the group therapy session Jessica Zafra proposed the last time Roger lost to Rafa.

With this grand slam title, Roger Federer has surpassed his record-tying 14 titles (the most in history then) that he has shared with Pete Sampras, who by the way, was so gracious enough to watch Roger’s record-breaking performance.

Congratulations, Roger Federer!

I have to say that Andy Roddick wasn’t able to hold off Roger Federer from snatching that title that has now put the Swiss in a league ALL HIS OWN.



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