Worth the long wait

6 07 2009
S&R Chocolate Chip Muffin 00

My day started with Roger Federer, some Reese's... and this beauty of a muffin that can only be S&R's!

SEVEN MONTHS is a long time to wait.  For love to come along. For a reservation to confirm.  For the object of your affection to return the enthusiasm that you have hoped for.  Seven months is a long time to wait. For anything.

In December last year, my good friend, Senior Industrial Engineer Ricci Bejarin introduced me to what I have since regarded as the best muffin I have ever had.  I went to as far as calling it the best “death-by-chocolate” chocolate chip chocolate muffin there is.  You see that I didn’t hold back on using the word “chocolate” in christening this confection.  And that’s simply because I think only an overload of that word can give justice to it.  That, and the fact that I haven’t the faintest idea as to how the store calls it.  Hahaha! (I asked Ricci just a few minutes back and she said that the barcode only said, “Assorted Muffins” – and that’s because that was what she got).

S&R Chocolate Chip Muffin 02

A closer shot of the muffin further reveals the generous amount of the yummy, very good chocolate chips!


S&R Chocolate Chip Muffin 03

This wonderful confection is sitting prettily on my Starbucks Coffee 16-month planner and journal, courtesy of Partner!

But regardless of what it is really called, nothing can take away from the fact that this has got to be the muffin that is most chockful with chocolate chips.  And I have to say that they use only very good chocolate indeed.  I picked out some from the very generously covered muffin top and I played with them on my tongue, and waited for them to melt.  The jolt of chocolate flavor wasn’t enough to cause me to have a seizure.  Instead, it brought me to a happy place in my head that had me impatiently wanting to get a bite of the muffin itself!

You shall see that I shared the muffin with one of my best friends – Spider-man.  And he loved it too!  While normally we expect only the muffin top to taste great – which in the case of this one was a glistening, crusty, almost crunchy chocolate chip-studded top – this one was yummy beyond muffin top-deep.  The crumb was dense but at the same time so moist and – surprise surprise! – still riddled with the very good chocolate chips!  It’s a big plus that it is not greasy too.  Which to me was an indication of the skill that went into its baking – a not-so-greasy muffin that is surprisingly full of flavor and richness.

Spider-man with S&R Muffin 00

I shared my S&R muffin from Ricci with one of my bestest friends ever - Spider-man!

Yes, seven months was a long time to wait.  But for this S&R muffin from Ricci, I will have to concede it was well worth it.

S&R Chocolate Chip Muffin 04

Worth the long wait... S&R's chocolate chip chocolate muffin...




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2 09 2010

that’s my fave from s&r too!!!


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