Happy birthday, Spider-man!

9 07 2009

SUNDAY, JULY 12 marks the birthday of one of my best friends – James (a.k.a. Spider-man)!  I haven’t really gotten around to thinking what gift I could give him, hence this post. Hahaha (I know, excuses… excuses…).

Spider-man 00


I’m not one to stay really attentive to sci-fi or animated movies.  I’m legendary for dozing off, sometimes well within the first few frames just right before the plot twist fades in to a pivotal scene.  And I’ve kept true to this, if my will power to stay awake through two-and-a-half hours of Transformers 2 were to be used a gauge.  I smirked at the scene where Bumblebee “cried” buckets.  And it was downhill for me from then on. I caught zzz’s instead – eyes wide shut.

But Spider-man was a totally different movie experience for me.  I found myself paying attention, especially since one of the newest engineers then at the office had earned the monicker of “Spider-man” amongst his posse.  At one point I was kinda resentful of the fact that I didn’t get the Spider-man identity for a fantasy spread on our newsletter, featuring those who celebrate their birthdays in July.  I asked the paper’s editor if I could be Spider-man.  My inquiry was met with a flat, resounding “no!” as – as I had said – somebody else had claimed that title.  I had to settle for Captain Barbell instead.  Hahaha!  But I was such a sport.  When Time magazine came out with a giant poster of their Spider-man cover, I got one and gave it to him (the new engineer).

With great power comes great responsibility,” has been the resonating theme of the movie and the superhero.  And as the years went on, I marveled at how I have seen these words come to life through James.  Up to this day, I maintain that he has got to be one of the best and most intelligent engineers we have ever had.  Some of the things I may get away with by the sheer power and intonation of my spoken words, and by the sheer power and depth of my written words, James gets away with through his intellect, deep understanding, amazing skills, and efficiency.  I’m quite happy that the establishment has come to recognize him for all the great things he has brought and has kept on bringing to our organization.  His recent move to the challenging world of managing people has just further proven his vital role in our group and has just given our latest batch of bright-eyed engineers a role model that is really worth looking up to.

But beyond being the kind of engineer that sometimes I feel I can only aspire to be, I’m quite thankful for James for making me see and feel what a real friend really is.  With all due respect to Friendship, Batman, Partner, Brother, Sagewin and Superman who all have managed to show me the same – albeit in the very individual and different worlds they have opened up in me – I particularly thank Spider-man for standing by me through a tumultuous 2007.  A lot of things happened that time that I thought would never come to pass, but truly, having one real friend present – just being there – (almost) all the time, made a world of difference.  I don’t think he has ever come to know how much I really appreciate his gestures at the time.

Spider-man has never judged me (or any person for that matter), for the choices I make and for the thoughts I have about other people, some events… most things.  And I think only a real friend – after listening to all I had to say – could look me in the eye, lift up a ClearOne MAX EX CONFERENCING PHONE, and without ifs and buts say, “Pag inulit mo pa yan eNTeNG, ipupukpok ko na ito sa yo!

Oh the joys of real friendship!  Happy birthday, Spider-man!  There’s no better friend I could wish for for others.