35 things

12 07 2009

I COULD have very well opened my birthday post with a more grandiose-sounding “One score, one decade, and five years ago.”  But then again, I’m so sure that that blog post won’t go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.  So why go the highfalutin opening route at all?  Hahaha!

Though one thing’s for sure – I’m still hung up on the number “35.”  And with the renewed courage of facing my age that has – undoubtedly – been catching up on me, I thought about putting together a list of 35 things.  Just things, no particular theme… just typing them as I go.  I find this to be a very “fabebook”-y thing to do.  But I’m not about to tag any of my friends to do the same, lest I later realize that most of them will have deleted me from their friends list.  Hahaha!

  1.  I love the smell of coffee in the morning. (Yes, Eyes Only, I’m stealing the title of one of your blog posts!)

  2.  My “coffee name” is Clark.

35 Things - Coffee Name 00

Yep, that's my coffee name... Clark!


35 Things - Coffee Name 01

I love how my coffee name sounds...

  3.  I’ve never completed the Starbucks® Coffee Company’s Christmas Traditions Promo Card.  So it goes without saying that I’ve never redeemed any of their limited edition planners.

35 Things - Starbucks Christmas Traditions

Three years and running... never got around to completing one!

  4.  I used to have more than 10 mugs of coffee in a day.

  5.  I’ve used and I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren’s scents – the classic Green, Blue, Black, Double Black, Explorer, and Romance.  You can never go wrong with a Ralph Lauren fragrance.

  6.  Other scents I’ve loved – and have been quite memorable to me – are Carolina Herrera’s 212 (and 212 On Ice), Hugo Boss’ “In Motion”, “Boss” by Hugo Boss, Lacoste’s “Style In Play”, “Michael” by Michael Kors, the classic Kenneth Cole scent in the disc-shaped gray bottle, and Lacoste’s “Original” scent.

  7.  I’ve been to only two Disneylands – the one in Anaheim, California, and the one in Tokyo.  One whole day is never enough to enjoy Disneyland.

  8.  I read Daphne Oseña Paez’s blog everyday.

  9.  I believe that “Urban Zone” is one of the most underrated (under-appreciated?) shows on Philippine TV.  ABS-CBN should seriously consider putting it on its primetime block.  It sure deserves a better time slot than that baseball movie they showed before it (Urban Zone) last week!

10.  I read the Philippine Star from cover to cover.

11.  I really love The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.  I’ve loved it since it was still The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

12.  My clippings on wristwatches are still a work-in-progress.  I make sure I go through the piles of The Philippine Star and The Philippine Daily Inquirer at home, to get all wristwatch-related articles.

35 Things - Wristwatch Clippings

The top of my huge pile of newspaper clippings on wristwatches!

13.  I don’t have a Twitter account.

14.  My superheroes are Batman, Spider-man, and Superman.

15.  My favorite movie theater is at The Podium.

35 Things - The Podium

The Podium is the place to be for the best movie experience!

16.  I don’t like popcorn.  (I actually was tempted to say, “I’m not a popcorn person.”  Hahaha!)

17.  I don’t like pizza. (Ditto.)

18.  Personalities I’m fascinated with – and trust – are Ms. Cheche Lazaro, Mr. Teddyboy Locsin, Jr., Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez, Prof. Winnie Monsod, and Ms. Kris Aquino.

19.  I don’t follow any teleserye or telenovela, though my mother says that “Tayong Dalawa” is quite good.  Friendship actually recommends it.

20.  Aside from Daphne Oseña Paez’s blog, I also read thecorporateteener’s.

21.  I’m really a shy person.  And I was raised never to talk to strangers.  But if I find someone to be fascinating or interesting, I wouldn’t hesitate to walk up to them and introduce myself.

22.  I’ve never asked for a photograph with a celebrity.  But maybe with the people I mentioned in #18, I will ask for one!

23.  I have the highest respect for entrepreneurs and businessmen, beginning with one of my closest friends.

35 Things - Supeman

So much respect for one of my closest friends!

24.  I’m not so much a sandwich person, but I do love Delifrance’s Farmers Ham Ciabatta (first had it at NAIA Terminal 2), Starbucks® Coffee Company’s Hungarian Sausage with Eggwhite and Cheese, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Roast Beef Sandwich.

25.  Julia Roberts’ Mona Lisa Smile (showing on free TV tonight) is kind of a memorable movie for me.  I meant to see it with friends in Sacramento, but I won advance screening tickets from Entertainment Weekly magazine, for screenings at AMC movie theaters in San Francisco, California.  Eventually, I saw the movie at a different AMC, all the way in Chicago, Illinois.

35 Things - Mona Lisa Smile

Advance screening tickets I won from Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

26.  I don’t have a Plurk account.

27.  U.S. TV series that I religiously follow are Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and Ghost Whisperer.  I also love CSI, Bones and NCIS.

28.  Batman introduced me to The Big Bang Theory… and “Ayluvet!”  He is yet to give me a copy of The Tudors.

29.  I can snack on Millel™ parmesan cheese like there’s no tomorrow.

Millel Parmesan Cheese

Millel Parmesan™ Cheese

30.  I collect movie theater tickets.

31.  For sound advice – on matters of the heart (Hahaha!) and the stomach – I turn to Friendship, Batman, Spider-man, and Superman.

32.  I haven’t professed my love enough for cold buckwheat noodles with lots of nori and scallions, and mirin-laced dipping sauce.

33.  Whenever I chance upon them channel-surfing, I watch the Japan TV Specials on channel 13.  Apart from the very informative features, I really like the sound quality of the voice over talents.  The feature on ramen is a favorite!

34.  Ms. Monique Villonco writes the best, most meaningful Editor’s Letter in today’s slew of Philippine – or Philippine-edition – magazines.

35.  Having been to Sears Tower in Chicago and Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, I’m thinking about planning to go to the Petronas and Taipei 101.  Or pehaps, the soon-to-open tower in Shanghai that shall complete the triumvirate of towers in the beautiful Shanghai skyline (together with Jin Mao and Orient Pearl TV towers).



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12 07 2009

I’m addicted to The Tudors. Jonathan Rhys Myers is so HOT! 🙂 I’m on Season 3 na, and I can’t wait for Season 4…it got me researching and reading up on English Royalty again, hahaha. 🙂


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